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Janice Dickenson Tells Heidi Her Singing Sounds Like Drowned Cat?

I will say one thing about NBC's reality I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here and that's how wild it is compared to Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice.

Yes it's true Celebrity Apprentice has some celebrity brawls, but the challenges definitely are tame on Celebrity Apprentice compared to Get Me Out Of Here.

(Image of Sanjaya - I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out

On tonight's episode, which is billed as "live", Heidi and Spencer were shown at the beginning of the episode locked up in the "torture" room with all kinds of bugs, spiders, rats.... and trying to get the rest of the celebrities to vote them come back on the show.

Even though there has been a lot of media buzz about Heidi and Spencer, they were on tonight's show (Monday, June 8, 2009) and apparently are back.  But are they back for good? 

Heidi, after returning to the camp, started singing for Sanjaya without any musical back-up.  Janice, who is famous for having minimum verbal filters, told Heidi she sounded like a wet cat when she sang.

Needless to say, telling Heidi she sounded like a cat didn't go over well and the camp members felt Janice was out of line.  One person who didn't respond in his customary way was Spencer Pratt who did mention Heidi's feeling were hurt but he was virtually non-responsive.

Even Sanjaya noted that Heidi and Spencer were "different" when they came back.  Maybe because Heidi and Spencer were spouting lots of religion.  Heidi started throwing up and saying "demons were coming out" of her.  She said she felt like there were "thorns of fire coming out of her throat."

Heidi did not look good at all.   She and Spencer were really over the top with their religious comments and Heidi thanked Spencer for being such a great husband.

Will Heidi and Spencer stay or will they go?  Only time will tell.  Stay tuned.

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