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Dream On Kit - Sleeping Beautifully Organically

Sleeping Beautifully With H. Gillerman Organics Dream On Kit

Say goodnight sheep. Move over Sleeping Beauty. Slide over Seattle. The experts at H. Gillerman Organics are here... and they understand that a good night of shut-eye helps replenish and relax the body, both mentally and physically.

The Fall 2009 launch of the Dream On Kit by H. Gillerman Organics will be a welcome aid for those suffering from restless nights.

(Image to left of Dream On Kit - Courtesy H. Gillerman - All Rights Reserved).

Hope Gillerman, holistic practitioner, Alexander Technique teacher and founder of H. Gillerman Organics, custom designed the Dream On Kit to help the sleepless find rest.

Recognizing that many Americans grapple each night with insomnia, Gillerman decided to use her knowledge of how the body and brain work in tandem to create the Dream On Kit. The kit makes getting a good night sleep accessible to everyone - sans prescription

"Sleep is an essential function of our body. Living without enough sleep can wear down our health and sense of well-being. This in turn limits us from performing daily tasks, adding further stress on our physical and mental state. My Dream On Kit provides not just the remedies for deeper, more restorative, uninterrupted sleep but also my personal tips on how to relax the body before slumber."

The H. Gillerman Dream On Kit includes:

Natural Rest Sleep Remedy: 8 ml. dropper - 100% essential oils

Clear Mind Jaw Clenching Remedy: 1 oz. roll-on - essential oils blended with olive oil

Instruction booklet that features: How to guide to slowing down at the end of the day, tips on using the Dream On Kit, recommended sleeping positions, blank pages for keeping a personal progress report

The kit is priced at $85.00 and is available online at

The Dream On Kit comes packaged in a recycled and recyclable box. All of H. Gillerman Organics' remedies are free of mass-produced or chemically altered oils, imitation fragrances, petrochemicals, sulfates, parabens or preservatives.

Gillerman's commitment to producing quality products doesn't stop with what goes in the bottle. Gillerman takes great care to make environmentally conscious decisions around how the brand is produced and packaged.

The entire H. Gillerman Organics product line has been produced using:

- Recyclable amber glass bottles (studies suggest that plastic bottles can leach harmful chemicals into the contents of the bottle)

- 100% recycled unbleached paper for brand literature

- FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified paperboard for boxes

- Vegetable ink for printing

- Manufacturing facility is powered by 100% renewable wind energy and recognized as an EPA Green Power Partner

The H. Gillerman Organics line can be viewed in its entirety by visiting

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