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Nourish Skin Daily With Verattiva Skincare Trends

Nourish Skin Daily With The Hottest New Skincare Trend-Probiotics - Verattiva Skincare Products

If you haven't updated your skin care routine in a while, there's never been a better time.

The newest skin care products from Verattiva use the purest ingredients and medical research for results that will leave your skin glowing.

The line utilizes the most cutting-edge ingredients to date and incorporate the holistic benefits of natural probiotics.

Probiotics are the good bacteria that exist in your gastrointestinal tract to help support your immune system and help you fight off disease.

Taken orally, they clean out your digestive tract and promote a clearer complexion. Used topically in skin care products, these "friendly bacteria" can soften, smooth and exfoliate your skin, giving it a fresh youthful appearance.

Enriched with the natural, skin-smoothing properties of organic milk, this gentle line uses beneficial bacterial components of lactobacilli extract to improve the appearance of skin. The aloe vera-rich cream is also fortified with special anti-microbial ingredients that eliminate harmful bacteria and keep your skin blemish free.

There are two major components of an effective skin care regimen. The first is a three-step skin care system that includes a pro-biotic cleanser, an eye serum, a probiotic moisturizing treatment for day and probiotic nourishing cream for night. The second is a well-balanced life including proper nutrition, plenty of sleep and daily use of Verattiva sunscreen to help prevent sun damage.

Step One

Detoxifying-Cleansing Face Milk is a rich and light lotion that has been specifically designed to cleanse the skin deeply, thus removing make-up, toxins and impurities completely and leaving a light protective layer of moisturizer. The high-tech cleanser is formulated using organically-farmed, pure Aloe Vera Baradensis gel and an innovative probiotic complex. It is also enriched with a selection of fine natural oils Shea Butter, Babassù, and Avocado).

Step Two

Eye Care Serum has been specially formulated to reduce imperfections that occur in the delicate area under the eyes (bags, dark circles). This effective formula contains organically pure Aloe Vera Baradensis gel, with an innovative probiotic and ceramide complex. The serum is enriched with a selection of fine natural oils (Babassu, Jojoba, Karite, Avocado) and FITOEYES. FITOEYES is a complex of extracts from medicinal plants which acts synergistically on the skin under the eyes.

Step Three (day)

Daily Revitalizing-Protective Face Treatment improves elasticity and hydration. Formulated using organically-farmed, pure Aloe Vera Baradensis gel and an innovative probiotic complex, the treatment improves elasticity and hydration with a selection of fine natural oils (Babassu, Jojoba, Karitè, Avocado, Coconut), delicate tension-actives and MSM nourish and firm skin. Recent studies have shown the capacity for MSM to act as an adjuvant in the body's natural defense mechanisms against incursions that the skin undergoes every day.

Step Three (night)

Nutrifying & Regenerating Face Treatment acts overnight to reset the skin's physiological balance by providing important nutrients. Organic Aloe Vera and the probiotic complex work to repair the skin overnight, leaving your skin rejuvenated and smooth. In just two weeks time, the ceramide-rich formula will visibly improve the appearance of skin.

Verattiva products are available at Please check website for retail and internet locations.

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