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French Secret To Beautiful Skin Is Revealed


All-natural skincare and mineral makeup line, French Secret™, reveals beautiful skin using a detox approach.

NEW YORK – Created according to the guidelines and high standards of the Beljanski environmental approach to wellness, which is devoted to achieving optimal wellness and beauty through detoxification, French Secret™ is an all new skincare and mineral makeup line that does not include parabens or preservatives of any kind.

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The Beljanski approach to health, based on the breakthrough research of the late Mirko Beljanski, Ph.D., a French biologist-biochemist, centers around the idea that detoxification can improve health and beauty.

Dr.  Beljanski, who researched cell regulation, replication and DNA for over 40 years at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, discovered that there is a change in the DNA of cells when in the presence of carcinogens and other pollutants.

He found that disease can be fought by targeting this damaged or destabilized DNA in the body, allowing cells with healthy DNA to thrive.

“I am thrilled to be introducing the French Secret™ line,” said the line’s creator, Sylvie Beljanski. “It made perfect sense to create a paraben-free, preservative-free line in step with the Beljanski approach to health, because once you eliminate toxins, you should not be putting them back into your body through the products you put on your skin.

Detoxification is a lifestyle, and natural makeup and skincare is one aspect of that lifestyle. ” she added.

French Secret™ was developed using various blends of the highest quality natural extracts and essential oils to promote healthy skin.

Essential oils have both mental and physical health benefits – their aroma can stimulate reactions in the brain when inhaled, and they can have various health benefits when applied to the skin and absorbed into the blood stream. The comprehensive French Secret™ line maximizes the synergy between the mental and physical health benefits of the essential oils.

The skincare line includes: French Secret™ Cleanser, a delicate, light cream that deeply cleanses and softens skin; French Secret™ Toner/Freshener, a combination of floral waters and essential oils to tone, hydrate, and revive skin with a tightening effect on pores to minimize skin sagginess; French Secret™ Moisturizer, a rich cream to nourish and protect skin from the harsh effects of the environment; Anti-Aging Fluid, a formula that supports the skin in fighting against free radicals, encourages cellular regeneration, improves skin elasticity and helps healing both scars and UV damage; Deep Cellular Repair, an essential oil that supports collagen, improving skin’s elasticity and moisture, helping to reduce aging while defending the skin against environmental stress; Essential Blend – Dry, a concentrated essential oil designed to

control excess oil, allow oxygenation, and eliminate toxins; Essential Blend – Sensitive, an essential oil that soothes thin skin with broken capillaries; Lip & Eye Formula, an essential oil that improves skin’s elasticity and protects against the effects of harsh environmental elements; and Rosacea Cream, a soothing, nourishing formula designed to calm and tone sensitive skin with broken capillaries.

The makeup line includes:

- Loose Mineral Enhancer, luminous loose powders that have ultra fine particles of mica to deflect light and illuminate the skin, helping to create the look of naturally radiant skin;

- Loose Mineral Foundation, an easy to use, long lasting foundation that provides excellent coverage and is a natural sunscreen;

- Mineral Shadows, soft, subtle, blendable and long-lasting eye shadows;

- Press Mineral Compact, a silky formulation that offers coverage with a matte finish and the convenience of travel.

The makeup line also offers a variety of cruelty-free, vegan-approved synthetic brushes.   The French Secret™ line is available online at  The price range of the products is $3.75 - $35.00.

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