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Trista Sutter & Chris Harrison Blog About Jillian On Bachelorette?

Don't get me wrong, I have always been a Trista and Ryan Sutter fan.

When Trista and Ryan were falling in love on their Bachelorette gig, Ryan even answered an email to me about his hair.

I was psyched and forever a fan.  I also like Chris Harrison even though I think at times he is put in a difficult position, but that's another story for another blogging day.

(Image of Bachelorette Jillian Harris with The Bachelors - Episode 501 - - All Rights Reserved).

But why in heavens name are they both blogging/Tweeting about The Bachelorette?  Did ABC* tell them they had to in order to drum up viewers or is this just another ploy?  No, I didn't read either one of their blogs, even though I like them both, because I am watching the show and I am already so bored with it, I don't want to read any rehashing by Trista or Chris - no offense to either.

*Note: Trista Rehn Sutter tweeted me on Twitter to let me know she does not work for ABC in any capacity and is blogging for EOnline.  Plus she said "she was already watching" the show.  So why not blog about it?  My apologies to Trista and ABC for the incorrect statement above.  It was not my intent to be inaccurate or impolite in any way.

While I think Jillian Harris is a cute girl she has zero sizzle, as far as I'm concerned.

She seems nice and very polite, but where's the fire?  Even a little sarcasm would spice things up a little bit.  Right?

Maybe I'm just over the whole Bachelorette/Bachelor saga?

I am definitely weary after the last Bachelor fiasco where Dallas Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) cutie Melissa Rycroft was dumped on air.

(Image of L-R Bachelor David and Bachelorette Jillian Harris - Episode 501 - - All Rights Reserved).

At least ABC made it up to Melissa and she was awesome on Dancing. Yes, I voted for Melissa to win even though she didn't, but she made a nice showing in the top three and she looked fantastic (you go girl).

As far as Jason and Molly, I'm fine if I never hear another word about them again.  The entire Bachelor fiasco was just icky and even though I've always known it was a fantasy show, I didn't want to see the smarmy underside.  Just like I know it's bad for me to eat chocolate chip cookies but I don't want to know about it at the time.  Know what I mean?

Jillian Needs To Amp Up Her Sizzle Factor

At any rate, the current season of The Bachelorette with Jillian Harris has me bored to tears.  I have to work hard to watch it.  Yes, as I said above, Jillian is a cute girl (and seems very sweet),  but has, in my humble opinion, no va-va voom like Trista or other Bachelorettes from the past.

I also think the guys - The Bachelors - are major yawners.  The only mildly interesting bachelors, in my humble opinion, are Ed, who got the standard helicopter ride and the chance to ravel down the side of a building in the speed of....a snail and Sasha who already got dumped.

Sasha Gets Kicked To The Curb & Sent Home On A Bus

I was definitely interested in Sasha.  I thought he was hot even though he also thought he was hot, but Jillian dumped him after her one on one date and sent him home on a bus?

A bus?  Seriously?  How rude is that after the date involved driving around in a cool car?  The guy was polite and handled it well, but there's no accounting for taste in Jillian's hottie category or the end of the date transportation.   OK, maybe he was full of himself but definitely he provided some eye candy and the series needs something to keep it going.  Right?

Bachelorette Ratings Are Sinking Fast

I think a lot of the fans are feeling my own personal pain by voting with their DVR and TV channel changers.  The Bachelorette ratings are diving with 9 million the first week, 6 million last week and who knows about this week which had me nodding off, especially during that stupid group date at the cheesy OK Corral or wherever it was.

Note to Bachelor/Bachelorette writers, please don't drive anymore fans off with scripted General Hospital/Soap Opera or Western crap.  I would rather see them at a winery like they used to do on The Bachelor or going to Las Vegas.

Please, something more realistic than forced kissing and weird lines.  Seriously.  I speed past most of the lame scene but watched enough to see if any of the Bachelors did anything fun or interesting.  That would be a no.

Yes, David Is A Controlling Alcoholic Ass

Even David, the token rage-a-holic with the beady eyes and the accelerate Juan hatred is just plain stupid.  What woman in her right mind would pick a creep like that who obviously just needs a new punching bag or someone to attempt to control.

Of course when Jillian picked David as her last pick of the evening I was telling myself to hang it up with this series.  It's going nowhere fast.

My guy happened to catch a few minutes of the show as he wandered through to pick up his PC magazines and stopped to tell me that David was a true "ass".  Yeah, I know.  But my guy wanted me to be aware of the fact that David also seemed drunk on his ass as well.  Yep, got it.  David is definitely a jerk.

I informed my own guy that David was probably on the show to try and help jack up the ratings.  Ohhhhhhh...he nodded...and wandered off to let me watch "that crappy show" by myself while he did something "productive" as he put it.

Jillian Dating Lottery Survivers?

Hmmmm.  So who do we have left in the Jillian Lottery?  There's Juan and David, which guarantees more angry outbusts.  And Ed and Robby who seem to be bland, although nice guys I'm sure.   Tanner P. has lived another day to showcase his foot fetish which is just plain creepy.

Kiptyn also managed to stick around which evokes no reaction from me at this point. However, I have a sneaking suspicion about Kiptyn surviving long term.  What do you think?

Wes Singing On Bachelorette To Promote His Career?

Afterall, Jillian has to keep a certain number of guys.  Right?  Lets not forget country Western singing wannabe Wes who probably is doing the show in order to sign a recording contract after the show's over.  Why else would he lug his guitar everywhere and annoy the hell out of the other guys and lots of the fans?

Am I being too harsh about Wes using The Bachelorette to launch his career?  Nah.  Jillian told the media when asked about whether Wes would benefit career wise from the show....."I think absolutely. Did he come on the show just for his career? Maybe. I think he's there for the right reasons but I think he's got some other things to figure out."  Which means - hint, hint, Wes probably doesn't get the final rose.

Tally Of All Bachelors Left For Next Bachelorette Episode:

The surviving 13 bachelors include:  Ed, Robby, Jake, Reid, Mark, Jesse, Tanner P (the foot guy), Wes (the guitar guy), Juan (the guy who irritates David), Michael, Kiptyn, Mike and David (control freak Juan hater).

Sasha, the 27-year-old oil and gas consultant from Tiki Island, TX who was sent home on a bus as well as Tanner F., a 28-year-old sales representative from Derby, KS and Brad, a 27-year-old financial adviser from Chicago, IL, all failed to receive a rose and were sent home.  Brad was the Bachelor who had the awkward kiss during the group date and thought he had sealed the deal. such luck.

What's next?  Only time will tell for the ragtag band of remaining Bachelors and the Canadian Bachelorette.

Chris Harrison Bachelorette Blog

Meanwhile Chris Harrison will be blogging about the ongoing episodes, if you care to read his thoughts which I have to say are probably tied in some way to the powers at ABC.  Afterall, Chris does work for ABC and the Bachelor/Bachelorette series so if you want the party line....check out what he has to say.

Trista Rehn Sutter Bachelorette Blog

As I mentioned above, previously I had attributed Trista's Bachelorette Blog to her work for ABC.  She very sweetly advised me via a Tweet on Twitter that she is working for EOnLine and is blogging because she was already watching the show anyway.

Knowing Trista is working for EOnline means she will probably be a lot more objective in her opinions about the happenings on the show. Bachelorette Blog

For a more edgy line on the current Bachelorette, check out my Dallas friend, RealitySteve who doesn't mince words and has some hilarious comments to share about the show.  Don't forget to stop by and check out Steve's new merchandise in his e-store.  If you see Steve in Dallas and are wearing his merchandise he has promised to buy you a drink.

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