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Bachelor Jason Mesnick Picking DeAnna Pappas?

I have been a huge fan of The Bachelor reality show since the very first episode.  In fact the first bachelor, Alex Michel, was originally from Dallas, so it made it even more real.  In fact, I had a friend who knew his family so it made it even more enticing for me to watch.

(Image of Rebecca Budig and former Bachelor Bob Guiney - 7th Annual Comedy for a Cure Benefit - 04-06-08 - - All Rights Reserved)

Over the years I have become jaded and watch the show with a grain of salt because there have been so many failed relationships.  Some of the Bachelor and Bachelorette Bombs which upset me the most include Bob Guiney who I thought should have wound up with Trista Rehn.

Instead he went on to be The Bachelor only to ditch his choice - Estella Gardinier - for a soap opera star - Rebecca Budig - he met on a show discussing his Bachelor episodes.  Bob, how could you?

But seriously, I'm glad Bob found love, even it not with a Bachelorette and that he has a successful marriage and career.  Bob was my alltime favorite Bachelor so I was just sad he didn't initially win with Estella.

(Image of Jesse Csincsak and DeAnna Pappas - 2008 World Magic Awards - 10-11-08 - - All Rights Reserved)

Duped By Bachelor Brad Womack

Then I was completely duped by Bachelor Brad Womack who chose neither woman, including former Bachelorette DeAnna Pappas. First I was shocked when DeAnna was left standing at the finale.  Huh?  We all know it won't last so why not at least make the pretense for the viewers?

While it's true Brad had his own personal reasons, why would he agree to be on the show and then not pick someone at the end?  Even it if was just for show, at least the premise behind the journey would be complete for the viewers.

DeAnna Dumps Jason Mesnick

Then the dumped DeAnna Pappas became the next Bachelorette and shocked the world by selected Jesse the rugged professional snowboarder rather than Jason Mesnick, a fan favorite.

(Image of Ryan Sutter and Trista Rehn-Sutter - 03-07-04 - - All Rights Reserved)

Jason became the next Bachelor and meanwhile, DeAnna dumped Jesse Csincsak who she dumped Jason for.

Are you following all Bachelor Dumping Path?

Bachelor Jason Was Really In Love With DeAnna

Now we have Bachelor Jason who was obviously so sincerely head over heels in love with Bachelorette DeAnna doing unusual things on the current show.  Jason has told the media “I really did fall in love with DeAnna,” he says, adding that when he heard she and Csincsak split in November, “I was shocked. I thought they were going to make it.”

Last week Jason didn't give out the final rose and sent four women home instead of three.  He also doesn't appear to have strong chemistry with any of the remaining bachelorettes although the current fan favorite appears to be Jillian.

A Replay Of Bachlorette Mary Delgado?

Sneak peeks of future shows have DeAnna Pappas stopping by for a visit.  Do you remember the last time a dumped bachelorette stopped by the show?  Yes, it was Mary Delgado who was dumped by Bachelor Bob Guiney.

(Image of Bachelor Jason Mesnick - - Craig Sjodin - All Rights Reserved).

She managed to swoop in and win the heart of Byron Velvick and they sailed off into the Sunset.  No they never married but they have made headlines brawling with each other and Mary being arrested when her Bachelor called the police.

On a recent Ellen Degeneres the talk show hostess chatted with Jason Mesnick and it appeared that he slipped up and indicated that he would chose DeAnna.

The longtime Bachelor and Bachelorette host Chris Harrison stopped by a few shows later and indicated he didn't think Jason would pick DeAnna.  Ellen seems to believe it will be Jason and DeAnnas at the very end of this Bachelor series.

Weird Bachelor Road To Love?

If Jason does wind up picking DeAnna it would be just another weird twist and turn in the Bachelor Road To Love.  At this point there are lots of unanswered Bachelor questions which include:

1.  Did DeAnna Pappas suddenly dump Jesse because she decided she made a mistake and wanted Jason back?

2.  Did Jason decide not to award the final rose last week because he is already involved with DeAnna and just wants to get on with it so they can go public?

3.  Is Bachelorette Stephanie as young as she says?  Many fans believe she is much older than originally represented on the show.  I don't personally care but I know it is a common topic.

4.  If Jason and Deanna wind up together like Mary and Bryon, will they get married or just hang out together for years on end until they start brawling in the street and one or both wind up in jail?

I guess the only way we will know for sure is to watch the show.  Even though it makes me mad that I am so addicted you can bet I will be watching until the "most dramatic final rose ceremony" is over and Jason has gotten engaged, which he claims he is.

Finally A Bachelor Wedding?

Will there be another Bachelor Wedding?  Let's hope so.  The Bachelor fans have been waiting a very long time since Bachelorette Trista and Ryan said I Do for the world to see.  Besides, a Bachelorette wedding doesn't really count.  To date not a single Bachelor has walked down the aisle to seal the deal.  Don't you think it's about time?

What do you think?  Will Bachelor Jason wind up standing at the final Rose Ceremony with DeAnna or will they even get that far?  I want to know what you think.  I already know what Ellen says and my faith is with her.

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