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Bachelorette Jen Schefft Marries In Love Match

Yes, Trista Rehn Sutter had the fairytale ending with a hunky fireman, a stunning wedding and two beautiful children.  But Trista Sutter, as the gorgeous blonde reality star is known, had a combination of good heart and great timing on her side.

Although initially the skeptics didn't believe Trista and Ryan were for real, they were and continue to be many years after that dramatic "Final Rose Ceremony" event.

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The other bachelorettes?  Not so much.

The current Bachelorette is Canadian Jillian Harris who is cute as can be, but the bachelors on her current season leave a lot to be desired, at least in my humble opinion as well as the opinion of many of the show's fans and critics.

Will Jillian Harris find true love on the Bachelorette?  Miracles happen but I am not holding my breath.

The good news?  Former bachelorette Jen Schefft has also found true love and marriage, although not with an official Bachelor.  Yes, Jen initially appeared to find love as the Final Rose choice of bachelor Andrew Firestone during Andrew's reign on ABC's The Bachelor.

Sadly, ten months after getting engaged and moving in together, Jen and Andrew parted ways.  Who knows the true reason why, but who really cares since the story ultimately had a happy ending.

Not only did Andrew marry his love match (Ivana Bozilovic), he is not the proud father of a new baby.  Jen went on to reign as one of ABC's Bachelorettes but wound up basically rejecting all 25 of the bachelors selected for her.

In 2008 Cupid showed up with a blind date for Jen by the name of Joe Waterman.  It was an instant love match. Jen told the media she knew he was "the one".

Approximately one month ago in May of 2009, Jen and Joe married in a private dining room at Spiaggia Restaurant in Chicago.  The happy couple are planning to add to their family "sooner than later" according to Jen in an interview with People Magazine.  She added "it's definitely not going to be one of those things where I wait five years."

Jen became a poster girl for being single after the Andrew Firestone break-up and after not finding love as The Bachelorette.  However,  she told People she was not "opposed to waiting - for the right guy."  She told the famous magazine "they will always come along".  She advised discouraged single people looking for love "you can meet the right person. Just don’t settle.”

Andrew Firestone was always my favorite bachelor and after Trista, Jen was my favorite Bachelorette.  Yes I'm one of the soppy reality love show fans who loves a happy ending.

In this case Trista, Ryan, Andrew and Jen are all living their dreams and this Reality Fan is one big happy ball of mush.

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