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Hair Glaze

What Is Hair Glaze?

Glazes are one type of hair service that can work for just about everyone who has hair.

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Hair glazes, which come in either clear or colored versions, can be applied professionally at the salon or at home.

Purpose Of Hair Glaze

The purpose of a hair glaze is:

1.  Add megawatt shine to existing color.

2.  Seal brand new color to extend the life and add shimmer and depth

3.  To amp up gray hair so that it is bright and shiny

4.  Adding depth and tone to blondes, brunettes and redheads

5.  Transforming dull tresses on either men or women into hair with more sizzle.

Depending on the product, a hair glaze can be added at the shampoo bowl or in the hairdresser's chair and they can be applied with or without heat.

Hair Glaze Costs

What do hair glazes generally cost?  It depends on the hairdresser and the salon but it can range in price.

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Some salons will throw in a glaze application as a bonus on a hair color service since a clear glaze can help to seal in the new color to give it longer lasting depth and shine.  Other salons will charge anywhere from $25 and up.

Consult With Your Professional Hairdresser About The Pros And Cons Of Glaze

Of course you should always ask your professional hairstylist the pros and cons of hair glazes for your hair type, texture, condition, hair color and style.

While some hairdressers swear by using glazes, others may not like using them for some reason or feel they are not good for your particular hair.

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Although many hair consumers receive their hair glaze applications at the salon, there are at-home glazes available.

How do at-home hair glazes work?

At-home glaze products generally are stronger than those used by the pros.

The reason? At-home versions have to produce noticeable results or else hair consumers are disappointed.  Therefore, at-home glaze products usually contain a higher concentration of peroxide or other lightening agents.

Which means even the clear glaze might cause your natural color to lift a bit.  If you are thinking about doing an at-home glaze, and you have never done it before, you may wish to ask your hairdresser about the process first.

Some color processed hair might not be a good candidate for any type of glaze - clear or otherwise.

(Image of Blonde Model - Paul Mitchell - All Rights Reserved)

Keep in mind salon applied glaze products tend to be have less lifting properties and be more gentle overall.

Professional Glaze Products

Since at-home glaze products tend to have a higher concentration of chemicals (peroxide) than professional versions, its possible your hair may feel more dry after the glaze eventually wears off.

The professional glaze products often have an acid color base which means it closes the cuticle after it is applied which makes the hair super shiny and locks in moisture so that when the glaze wears off, the hair is still soft as well.

Recommended Glaze Products

Outside of the salon, stick with a clear gloss since the colored versions may not turn out as you expect.   If you're going to be doing your glaze at home, ask your colorist what they suggest.

Many salons will sell their clients glaze products to use at home in between their salon visits.

At-home Glaze Alternatives?

If your goal for using a glaze is to add shine, you can use products designed to enhance shine.

If your goal is to amp up the color in between color applications you can substitute color shampoos and conditioners for a glaze application.

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