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Creating Hair Glazes At Home

Hair glazes are more popular than ever.  They create instant shine and help to maintain the life of the hair color.

There's a lot of confusion, especially amongst hair consumers about hair glaze.

Ultimately hair consumers don't understand that hair glaze is still a chemical.  When chemicals are applied to the hair there can be unpredictable results.  These results can be a change in color or hair can become dry.

Note: Refer to Hair Glaze for more information.

While some home hair glazes come in colors, some companies make a clear version.  It should be noted that a clear glaze can light the existing hair color one shade.

[amazon-product text="Frederic Fekkai Salon Glaze Clear Shine Rinse" type="text"]B00141XHU4 [/amazon-product]

Many consumers are not aware of this and are often surprised by the color change in their hair after they apply a clear glaze.

At Home Glazes Are More Harsh Than Salon Versions

If you use a home glaze product, it most likely contains more peroxide than salon versions.

As a general rule of thumb, any hair color products you buy at home has to be stronger to guarantee results on all types of hair.

Hair glazes contain peroxide which may be drying to healthy hair and even more drying to chemically treated tresses.  After a home glaze wears off it will tend to leave hair more dry then before the  product was applied.   One of the most popular glaze products used by professionals is Goldwell.  Another popular version is made by Sebastian.

[amazon-product text="John Frieda Color Glaze" type="text"]B001FB5NL4 [/amazon-product]

Goldwell is an acid based color which is designed to close the hair's cuticle and leave hair super shiny.

If you want to apply a home glaze but are unsure of the best product to use ask your colorist or hairdresser for recommendations.  Some hair colorists will sell a professional glaze products for their clients to use at home after a professional glaze is applied.

Creating Hair Glazes At Home

How can you recreate a salon-like glaze at home?  First, choose hair color the same shade as your base color.  If you have dark auburn hair, choose dark auburn hair color.

Shampoo your hair, towel-blot and detangle.  If you must use a detangler use a light one to avoid coating the hair shaft.

Take the developer bottle from the color kit and pour out half of the developer, add equal amounts of water in its place.  Substituting water for developer transforms the color into a standard deposit-only gloss.

(Image of John Frieda Frizz Ease 100% Shine - All Rights Reserved)

Mix the color and distribute through your hair. Leave the mixture on for three minutes then rinse, shampoo, and condition.  You'll have a gorgeous, shiny finish.

Alternatives To Glaze Products

There are alternatives to either professional or at-home glazes.  Since the primary reason to apply a glaze is to amp up shine and extend hair color use products designed to turn up the shine on your hair and take steps to extend the life of your hair color.

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