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Molly Quinn As Alexis Castle Wears Her Hair In Ringlets For The Prom

The TV show Castle is an American comedy-drama television series starring Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic on ABC.

The series produced by ABC Studios was a mid-season replacement.   The show premiered on ABC on March 9, 2009 and had a limited ten episodes since it was a short first season.

Although the new show appeared to get off to a rocky start as far as building a fan base, the obvious chemistry between the two main characters - Richard Castle and Kate Beckett - was so intriguing the show became increasingly popular as each episode unfolded.

(Image of Molly Quinn as Alexis Castle as she gets ready to go to the Prom on the last episode of Castle - - All Rights Reserved).

Nathan Fillion is perfect as the famous mystery novelist Richard Castle who is initially called in to help the NYPD solve a copy-cat murder based on his world famous and best selling novels (26 but who's counting - as he likes to say).

The supporting cast besides Stana Kacic as Detective Beckett is fascinating.  There is Nathan's eccentric mother played wonderfully by Susan Sullivan and his gorgeous 15 year old daughter.  This is also an ongoing parade of fascinating characters who andr through the various plots.

Alexis Castle - Daughter Of Richard Castle

Richard Castle's daughter, Alexis (Molly Quinn) is fifteen-year-old daughter who is precocious and acts very adult.

The sweet Alexis also enjoys going to school and hanging with her father and grandmother.

(Image of Molly Quinn as Alexis Castle greeting her Prom date on the last episode of Castle - - All Rights Reserved).

Stana Katic stars opposite Nathan Fillion as the young detective Kate Beckett. Following his encounter with Beckett, Castle decides to use her as the model for his next book series.

Castle uses his contacts and receives permission to accompany Beckett while investigating cases. Susan Sullivan also stars as Castle's mother. While technically a drama series, Castle also features comedy and romantic tension. Inspirations for the TV series include Moonlighting and The Rockford Files.

Alexis Castle Goes To The Prom

In the last episode of the first season Castle's gorgeous red haired daughter goes to the Junior/Senior prom with a very cute guy.  She looked adorable and wore her hair curled into a cascade of soft ringlets.

One side of her beautiful below-the-shoulders lush tresses was adorned with tiny jeweled hair clips which helps one strand up in place.

(Image of Molly Quinn as Alexis Castle greeting her Prom date on the last episode of Castle - - All Rights Reserved).

Normally Alexis wears her hair down below her shoulders either bone straight or with a slight wave.  She favors a hair bump near the back of her crown.

For awhile the fate of Castle was up in the air but on May 15, 2009, Variety reported that ABC has renewed Castle for a second season.

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