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#FollowFriday On Twitter - 60 Hair, Beauty & Fashion Tweeple To Follow & Why

I'm a huge Twitterholic.  Even though in a way you could call me one of the old ladies of the Web since I've been around since the mid 1990s, I really never got fired up about Web2.0.  I tried but it just didn't catch my initial interest.

(Image from Airs and Graces Collection - #3 Grace and air - Photography By Jill Wachter, Hair by Vivienne Mackinder, Make up by Mary Schook, Fashion Styling by Sharon Maloney at the Metropolitan Building in NY.  Hair extensions from Hair U Wear - - All Rights Reserved - Printed Silk Charmouse Dress - $7,500 Carlos Miele).

Yes, I have a Linkedin Account, a Facebook account and have proudly had some of my articles reprinted on MySpace because HairBoutique has had a MySpace account as soon as it was permitted.  I also had an account on SecondLife right after the site was opened and HairBoutique had an initial storefront we took down before anyone else in the hair industry even knew about SecondLife.

Although I love the Web and am in some circles considered an early adopter with and HairTalk, I never got the Social Netorking bug until Twitter.

Twitter bit me in a huge way.  I adore Twitter.  It's the first thing I do every morning and the last thing I do every night.  I have met so many incredible people on Twitter that on #FollowFriday I have a hard time listing all the Followers I adore.  Although I post under @HairBoutique, all the Tweets from that account are mine.  I am the voice of HairBoutique so I decided to Tweet as @HairBoutique rather than as Karen Marie Shelton.

(Image from Airs and Graces Collection - #08 - Crimped swirl - Photography By Jill Wachter, Hair by Vivienne Mackinder, Make up by Mary Schook, Fashion Styling by Sharon Maloney at the Metropolitan Building in NY.  Hair extensions from Hair U Wear - - Wine ruffle neck top with attached cumberbun, Karolina Zmarlak.  Casimir irridescent wool narrow leg pants in wine by Philippe Adec.  Black leather pumps by Kenneth Cole - All Rights Reserved).

What Is Twitter?

What is Twitter?  Generally speaking it's a rapidly growing social networking site which allows Tweeple (as Twitter people are sometimes called) to post 'Tweets' of 140 characters or less for all their followers. Tweets can be a variety of things ranging from short message bursts, various links often presented as TINY Urls, random thoughts, questions or Retweets of great tweets you see from those you Follow or who Follow you.

#FollowFriday Tradition

Twitter has lots of different traditions and programs.  One of the most popular is #FollowFriday.  The concept can be explained as being a very effective way to promote your many friends and followers on Twitter to the hundreds of thousands Twitterers out there.  #FollowFriday is always preceded with a # known as a HashTag to set it apart.

(Image from Airs and Graces Collection - #04 Tumbled romance - Photography By Jill Wachter, Hair by Vivienne Mackinder, Make up by Mary Schook, Fashion Styling by Sharon Maloney at the Metropolitan Building in NY.  Hair extensions from Hair U Wear - - Silk fleur de lis pattern drop-waist pouf dress, $1,500, Joynoelle.  Gold Necklace, Patricia Cobiella, - All Rights Reserved).

Every Friday, on Twitter, dedicated participants of the FollowFriday tradition list the usernames of any Tweeple that they wish to promote for others on Twitter to consider following.  When listing the recommendations of people to add as new Twitter followers place the @ symbol before each username and a space after each username.

It's important to always place the string #Followfriday at the beginning or end of the list of Twitter user names.

Doing Justice To My List Of #FollowFriday Favs

Since today is Friday and I want to do justice to some of my great followers I have decided to write a series of Blogs listing their names according to general categories since I now follow close to 6,000 people and it is hard to list all of them on #FollowFridays.  However, I want to honor as many of them as I can, so I will do my best to continue to pay my compliments to these great people I have met on Twitter and to recommend them sincerely.

My Hair, Beauty, Related #FollowFriday Follower Recommendations

Listed below are some of my favorite Tweeple that I follow in the field of Hair, Beauty, Fashion and related. Unfortunately, I could not list all in this first Blog, but will be doing a series so watch for more lists of my favorite follows and followers.

I recommend you follow all of these amazing Tweeple listed below (not in any particular order) because they are awesome people and I have learned a lot from them and their Tweets:

@AllLacqueredUp - Michelle of AllLacqueredUp is a famous nail polish obsessed blogger who has taught me so much about different brands and hues.  I love to read her tweets and have broadened my love of China Glaze as a result of her blogs and tweets.

@BeautyWriter - Erin Snyder Dixon is a fabulous journalist writer, speaker, salon owner, wine lover and marathoner.  She is so much fun and always has such interesting Tweets about everything hair, beauty and salon biz to living her life in a responsible and Green way.  I enjoy her very much and appreciate her as one of my earliest Hair & Beauty related connections on Twitter.

@girlwithnoname -  Jackie is totally amazing.  Not only has she personally inspired me to work on my own health, diet and exercise, she is the voice of good living in my head.  I adore her and her vlog about fitness, weight training, HIIT, running, swimming, diet & nutrition.  Even better, Jackie teaches you that you don't need a gym and do your workouts at home.

@pursebuzz -  If you have not visited this amazing blog by this fantastically talented young woman who advertises a Little Purse With Big Ideas you must stop by and see everything she offers.  She provides great Tweets and her blogs are simply phenomenal.  I could watch them for hours and not get bored.

@AprilBraswell - April is an online dating coach who sees the beauty in everyone.  She also is a great hair reporter tweeting about her own hair experiences.  April was one of the first people I connected with on Twitter and to this day she remains one of my favorite Tweeters.

@hairsite - For consistent tweets about hair loss, hair cloning, hair transplant and hair replacement guide this is the site to follow.  I have been following this site since my first days of Twitter and I am never disappointed by the hair loss nuggests that are shared.

@naomimannino - Naomi is fabulous.  We have chatted on the phone and collaborated on two projects already.  She is an amazing hair and beauty writer and editor and is also at the helm of the fabulous Hair!How Magazine for hair pros.  She is fun and charming and I adore her Tweets.

@HairsHowMag - HairsHowMagazine is a great resource for all hair professionals.  Naomi (above) is the Editor and does a fantastic job.  Follow them on Twitter and I strongly encourage you to subscribe.

@Ouidad - I am a huge fan of this Queen of Curly Hair and have known her since the very first year @HairBoutique was started.  I am so thrilled she is on Twitter that I can't recommend her tweets enough.  Whether you have naturally curly hair or not...this lady rocks.

@Heidi_Style - Heidi Cuthbert and her Heidi Style salon are located in Portland, Oregon.  Portland is one of my favorite cities with the little sidewalk cafes and great culture and Heidi Cuthbert is part of the hair and beauty scene there.  To learn more about Heidi Style, Portland or hair and beauty, follow Heidi_Style.

@MischoBeauty - Lots of great hair and beauty flowing from MischoBeauty.  Combine a Hairstylist with an Esthetician and a Glamour Girl Extraordinaire with the Founder/Editor-In-Chief of and you have awesome tweets.

@JaynePR - Jayne is busy traveling the globe popping in and out of hair and beauty conferences, conventions and shows doing what she does best - PR.  When she's not running through an airport, she's posting her latest Tweets.

@msbarbaral - This Paul Mitchell hair expert has amazing hair expertise with natural curls, extensions, long hair and updos.  She is a featured contributor and one of our favorite Tweeters.

@MakeupArtistmag - For great tweets about the Make-up Industry follow these Tweeple.  I am always fascinated with Make-up and love to discover news about this amazing industry.

@StyleHiveBuzz - Part social-networking club, part pop-culture lab, Stylehive is one big ensemble cast of trendsetters creating, discovering and buying the next big thing!  I love reading their tweets to find out what is happening in the world of style and beauty.

@BeautyCounter - Lots of interesting Beauty Reviews, money saving Coupons, New Product Information and cool Giveaways at The Beauty Counter.  Like the thrill of visiting a real beauty counter but via Twitter.  Could you ask for anything more?

@hairsistas - The Hairsistas offer healthy hair care info for afro and curly hair textures.  Great tweets on this topic.  I love their polls and notes on their hair treatments.

@Daniel4Style - Daniel is based in Guam.  He passionately helps the development of inner beauty.  How cool is it that he is promoting beauty from the inside out?

@MakeupbyDeidra - D loves her sweet baby girl, Chloe. She also loves makeup and skin care. She shares tweets of all her favorite topics.

@fashionmakeup - Emma Reed as a great make-up artist who shares tweets on make-up and her quest to network with photographers, fashion stylists and art directors.

@FaceToFace1 - Wholesome Services & Products To Enhance Your Natural Beauty. Vital Therapy Skin Care expert as well as a Reiki I practitioner.

@Maui_Salon - Although the salon may sound like it's in Hawaii, it's actually in the fabulous sunny city of Las Vegas.  The Maui Salon is a full service Multi-Cultural Salon for Professionals.

@Skincare_Beauty - Great tweets on beauty and skin care products including leading edge info on new developments in skin care, skin treatments and yes, anti-anging updates.  I love reading these tweets and just read how to deal with eye wrinkles.

@HookedOnBeauty - This Tweeter is a fabulous Makeup Artist,Beauty Editor, Beauty Expert for Fox's Good Day Colorado and a Vegetarian.  She has a fabulous sense of humor and her Tweets always make me smile.

@nailtaxi - I was instantly intriqued by @nailtaxi's business model which is based on Washington, D.C.  @NailTaxi's tweets are direct from this cool woman is who is the founder of this cool mobile nail boutique who also happens to be the mom of three.  @NailTaxi has been seen on CNBC, Fine Living, Family Circle, WashPost, ChiTrib and Sun.

@fashion4brkfast -Fashion For Breakfast is the Twitter site connected to the famous blog for the everyday fashionistas to get their fashion appetite fed daily. Read Tweets with fashion news about designers, red carpet, shopping, trends and other fashion related goodies.

@BeautyPages - Louise Emma Clarke is the founding editor of based in London.  This lovely lady twitters about her latest beauty finds.  I looked forward to her Tweets.

@TDailyObsession - A fabulous source for beauty, shopping, fashion and style. Find the editors at: @conniecw, @carolynlhsu, @ninaxo and learn about everything from the lastest nail etiquette to fashion and living fabulously.

@jjosephsalon - Offering Custom Hair Cuts + Award-Winning Hair Color Techniques & More! THE SALON EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT - Hair Salon, Land O Lakes, Tampa, Florida.

@MakeupArtists - The Book “Makeup Artists” Featuring Professionals in the Glamour, Wedding, Spa, Celebrity, Makeup the the Beauty Industry.

@cutlersalon - Tweets from the home of the very famous Cutler Salon (Rachel Ray has her hair done by these hair masters) with lots of amazing hair and beauty related tweets.

@azurskin - Home of the Perfect Sun Barrier Lotion and their related tweets which help you protect your skin from the ravages of the sun.

@curlista - A fabulous kinky curly guide to chasing the perfect curl - find out everything from the must have hair products to celeb style secrets and more with the tweets from this great Twitter site.

@makeupcrazy - I love Makeupcrazy's tweets.  Angelica (Makeupcrazy) professes she has been makeup crazy since she was tiny and now she is lucky enough to work at JaneI redale, the best makeup in the world. Yes, she is living her own dream come true!

@Bendersisters - Great tweets on everything from fabulous curly hair products to fashion and related topics.

@Glamgirls - Eye popping, mouth watering handbags with lots of other tweets about everything in the world of a glamgirl.

@sunlightdayspa - The premier healing day spa in the Kansas City Overland Park, Kansas area.

@sugarshock - This Canadian based blogger tweets about beauty and related topics and provides great links to topics like Recession Busting Beauty Techniques.

@ISpaDoYou -International SPA Association - Voice of the spa industry, representing more than 3,200 health and wellness facilities and providers in 83 countries.

@StyleMaven_net - Style tips, save, splurge and other great tweets.  Your fashion IQ will go up if you follow this Tweeter.

@BeautyClassroom - This Twitter location offers tweets on  Makeup + Skin + Hair + Body + Fashion.

@MixedChicksChat - The only live, weekly show about being racially and culturally Mixed.  Great tweets and lots of knowledge about curly hair issues for mixedchicks.

@MixedChicks - Tweets from the Co-founder and Creative Director of Mixed Chicks Haircare...a CURLY revolution.

@FashionPoPo - Saving people from bad hot mess at a time! I love the tweets from FashionPoPo.

@Dermstore - Beauty and skincare updates, tips, secrets, products, and more!! DermStore is your skincare and beauty resource with lots of awesome skin care and beauty related Tweets.

@SpaFetish - Great tweets from a fabulous Web Boutique that offers Earth Conscious Skincare Born From The Loving Hands Of Mother Nature!™

@Portlandhair - Tweets from a Portland Oregon Hair Salon Male Hairdresser.

@PortlandSpa - Tweets from the Portland Spa Boutique located on the Beautiful Southwest Waterfront of Portland, Oregon.

@VAINBeautyWorld -  Home of the famous salon in Seattle, Washington.  One of the coolest salons around and one of the best in Seattle.

@lanza_haircare -  Tweets from the Lanza Land which is the home of healing haircare products.

@beauty_tipps - Great tweets on beauty from Vienna, Austria.

@PinkWhiteNails - Great nail information with fun tweets from Portland, Oregon, one of my favorite cities.

@MyBeautyBunny - One beauty junkie and one esthetician. Both animal lovers. Scouring the Earth for the best in cruelty-free, green and organic beauty products.

@boutiqueculture - Tweets inspired by women, guided by fashion, perfected by you!

@colours2dyefor - Tweets from a Hairstylist and Makeup Artist. This Tweeters loves all things Hair & Beauty.  She also loves interesting people. Most of all she professes her love for sharing her knowledge with others!

@BethMinardi - Beth is a fabulous haircolorist and her tweets offer great information for professional colorists and hair consumers alike.

@stylecynics - Yes, snarky fashion and style cynics.  I love their tweets which often make me laugh out loud.

@weekofstyle - All things about the Toronto Week of Style as well as some other tweetsf here and there from and about the Style Industry.

@HealthBeautyBod - Finding you Health, Beauty, SkinCare. Fitness News and tweets as and when it happens.

@myhairdressing - Julie is an authority on hair, health, beauty, manicure, pedicure, cosmetic treatments, massage, slimming, cellulite reduction and related.

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If you are on Twitter and in Hair, Beauty, Fashion or related, please follow me and send me a note and I would love to meet you and include you in one of my future #FollowFriday lists.

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