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Minka Kelly Slapped On Set of Charlie's Angels

Minka KellyMinka Kelly Slapped On Set of Charlie's Angels

Brunette actress Minka Kelly is one of the three co-stars on the revamped ABC show Charlie's Angels.  The gorgeous long haired beauty was previously a co-star on the recently cancelled Friday Night Lights.  She also appeared on  Parenthood as a special teach for an autistic family member.

Friday Night Lights

During her stay on Friday Night Lights she was the popular cheerleader whose football star boyfriend is paralyzed due to a football accident.  She had an affair with his best friend which created great ratings for the show and brought the relatively unknown beauty lots of media and fan attention.

Minka left Friday Night Lights before the final season although she did pop back in to help tie up her story line.  When she appeared on Parenthood she caused a family riff by sleeping with one of the family members who was engaged.  Not only did her actions cause an end to the engagement, again she captured media attention for a relatively small guest starring role.

Slapped On Set of Charlie's Angels

Now Minka is front and center as one of the hot new Angels.  She is also making more news behind the scenes. As reported by TMZ, an ABC crew member on "Charlie's Angels" slapped the Angel on the behind last month.

The unnamed crew member violated a key rule which is for the crew to look but not touch.  In some cases the crew is not even allowed to look all that closely.  Touching or slapping asses is a big no-no.

Although Minka told the crew member never to slap her on any part of her body again, ABC found out and insiders report that the guy who slapped Minka on the rear was fired from the show.

Talk Show Rounds

Now that Charlie's Angels has had the premiere, Minka is making the rounds of the talk shows.  She was recently caught leaving The David Letterman Show.

She was also a highly anticipated arrival on the recent Emmy Red Carpets since her sizzling career is bringing lots of attention from the fashion police.

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