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#FollowFriday Friends - Eight Interesting Entrepreneurs On Twitter - Part 1

A few weeks ago I wrote a Blog where I made a specific point of listing some of my #FollowFriday (#FF) Friends in the Hair and Beauty Industry (more will eventually follow).

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The reason I wrote a blog instead of just Tweeting about my #FF Friends was because I have more than just a handful I appreciate and want to recommend.

Although #FollowFriday is one of my favorite days of the week on Twitter, there are mixed feelings about the now famous #FF day.

Why?  Some people consider it more like being spammed than helping to share the news about great people to follow.

Talk to ten people about why they are active on Twitter and you will get ten different reasons.  Some Tweeple specifically want to meet new friends, business contacts and have the heightened ability to network with like minds.

That is definitely a key focus of HairBoutique and why I am a dedicated Tweeter.  For me it is so important to keep the finger on the Web2.0 pulse and Twitter offers me the option to Follow people who will share their business philosophies and experiences with me.

Of course my focus, being in the Hair, Beauty, Fashion, Nails and related trends is on finding new Tweeple in those industries.  However, I also value anyone who wants to share their experiences about their business, life and related philosophies.

At this point I have literally hundreds of Tweeple I Follow with amazing Twitter skills from all walks of life.  Since I don't want to become a Twitter Spammer on Follow Friday, I have started the practice of Blogging about different categories of Twitter Follows I wish to recommend as great Tweeple to follow for the FollowFriday practice and who graciously share wonderful Tweets and networking options.

My focus for this blog is Entrepreneurs and related Tweeple.  As always, I will be doing many more lists to try and honor all the Tweeple I follow and who have followed me back and provided an exceptional Twitter experience.

Great Entrepreneurs & Business Related Tweeple To Follow

Without further ado listed below are my list of Entrepreneurs and Business related people I highly recommend you follow and the reasons why:

1.  @MirrorFinish - Frank Canna is the great guy and fabulous Entrepreneur behind Mirror Finish Detailing and he always offers helpful tweets to help keep your car and boat like new.  Located in Williamstown, NJ.

You can visit Franks website at: where you can sign up for online classes for a variety of things.  You can learn to detail your own automobile and/or boat and you can also learn to set up your own detailing business.

Frank is all about his customers and growing his business but will help anyone who Tweets with him, if he can.   @MirrorFinish is a person to follow if you are a businessperson, entrepreneur or want to be one. Or if you want to network with a great guy who is a committed Twitter user.

2.  @woofette30 - Woofette30 is the co-owner and very lovely lady behind Any Hour Gifts which provides flower and gift delivery to the Owensboro, KY area. She is also a self-professed computer geek as well as Border Terrier enthusiast.  Any Hour Gifts offers a large variety of fresh flowers and very cool gifts.

Woofette is always willing to help if you have questions about selecting gifts and she loves to Tweet about dog sports.   She is warm, friendly, upbeat, loves pink and is a great person to share Tweets with.  I love her sense of humor and her zest for life.

3.  @PlanetOnWheels - When I was growing up in St. Louis, Missouri, before I moved to Dallas, Texas where I currently live, I was a huge skating fan.  I loved to skate at the rink as well as outside and wherever I could strap on my wheels and fly.  Imagine my delight in finding @PlanetOnWheels on Twitter.  I checked out their very cool website at:

Known also as POW, which is a very cool acronym, Planet On Wheels has a great website and business model.  They offer all the latest news in the world of skating as well as selling amazing skates and all related accessories at great prices.  I was particularly taken with their Skating Rink Directory and promptly checked out the rinks in Dallas.  I also enjoy the skating news they provide.

Whether you love skating or not, POW offers an excellent example of how to run an on-line business and they are excellent entrepreneurs to study and Tweet with.  I highly recommend you follow them and I know you will learn a lot as I have.

4.  @FLWeddingPics Jennyfer Huff is the beauty behind Florida Wedding Photography.  Jennyfer is located in Central Florida and her Twitter landing page contains great photos of brides and grooms.

Florida Wedding Photography is a preferred wedding photographer for which is high praise indeed.  Over 500 weddings have been spectacularly captured by the amazing photographers at Florida Wedding and a wide range of pricing packages are available.

I like to stop by @FLWeddingPics to see the very informative Tweets posted on a wide range of bridal and phography related topics as well.  Regardless whether you are getting married or not, Jennyfer is a great person to follow on Twitter.

5.  @TonyLogue I have been following Tony who is an Internet Marketer, Renegade Professional, Wordpress Blogger, MLM Advocate and DrinkACT Dealer for some time and always find him incredibly helpful, cheerful and focused on building his business.  You can read Tony's blog and check out the links to other projects Tony is working on.  He also shares a blog with his wife Robin.

6. @siddNullus is a very intriquing guy to follow.  Besides having great shades, he is a master of the Xtreme Bowling Association.  If you are wondering what that means, he explains it as being the Vince McMahon of bowling.  Check out Sidd's website at: and don't forget to Follow him on Twitter.   If you are interested in Xtreme Bowling Sidd is interested in recruiting you, of course if you qualify.

7.@Newsage - Margie, like Sidd, has an Avator with cool shades.  She also has an incredible blog with all types of interesting musing.  Visit her amazing blog at:  Of course don't forget to follow her on Twitter.  I love her Tweets.

They are always entertaining but heartfelt.  Margie is a self-professed social media fan, blogger, entrepreneur, read the news, health and fashion updates, find recipes though I dislike cooking, into quotes and have my own style.

8. @blazingtorch - Bryan Haddock is the guy behind Blazing Torch Media & Marketing which is newly established web marketing firm in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area with over a decade of experience with Internet technologies and web content development as well as an ever-evolving understanding of Internet Marketing tools and trends.  Bryan is a very  cool guy to follow on Twitter and of course his great blue accented hair caught my attention.

More Twitter Entrepreneurs?

First let me thank all the amazing Twitter followers I have.  I appreciate each and every one and try to make contact with as many as possible on a daily basis.  I also appreciate all the amazing connections shared with me via Twitter.  I am truly a Twitterholic to the extreme.

Twitter is full of literally hundreds of thousands of talented people who are fantastic entrepreneurs.

I wish I could write about all of my fabulous Followers as well as all the Entrepreneurs on Twitter.  However, I need your help.  Please follow me on Twitter at and then either send me a Direct Mail or email me at [email protected] and tell me all about your business so I can consider including you in my next #FollowFriday Entrepreneur Blog.

Thank you in advance for Following me and for visiting my Blog here at

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Please follow me on Twitter at://  I look forward to meeting new Tweeple from all walks of Twitterville and learning from their Tweets.

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Please follow us on Twitter at: I look forward to meeting new people from all walks of Twitter and learning from their Tweets.

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