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Russell Brand Wins Hair Poll For Worst Celeb Men's Hairstyle

Russell Brand has come out on top again.  Only this time it's not for his acting or stand up comedy routine.  This time he has won for having the worst male celebrity hair.

(Image of Actor Russell Brand - Forgetting Sarah Marshall - Image From Universal Studios - 2007 - All Rights Reserved - Universal Studios).

As recently reported by The Sun and Forgetting Sarah Marshall and popular media, Russell came in first in a hair poll conducted by hair specialist Optima.  Following closely behind Russell for worst celebrity hair was Jonathan Ross.

Long-haired Changing Rooms host Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen was voted the third in the worst hair poll, followed by footballer Christiano Ronaldo in fourth place and finally US Apprentice star and businessman Donald Trump in fifth.

Ironically, Russell winning for worst hair is not really a bad thing.  It just brings the up and coming British actor more fame and attention. His career is on fire right now and he is getting lots of media attention for a wide range of things, including references from other celebrities.

Who Is Russell Edward Brand?

Russell Edward Brand is an English comedian, actor, columnist and presenter of radio and television born June 4th 1975.

Although this multi-talented performer achieved mainstream fame in the United Kingdom for presenting a Big Brother spin-off, Big Brother's Big Mouth, and for his radio show, he achieved worldwide recognition for his co-starring role in the romantic comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

(Image LR of Actress Kristen Bell and Actor Russell Brand - Forgetting Sarah Marshall - Image From Universal Studios - 2007 - All Rights Reserved - Universal Studios).

In the Sarah Marshall film he played an outrageous new love to Kristen Bell who had dumped her longtime boyfriend for him.  He also played a hilarious part with Adam Sandler and Courteney Cox in the recent Bedtime Stories.

Outrageous And Flamboyant Appearance And Style

Noted for his outrageous and flamboyant appearance and style, he has described himself as resembling "an S&M Willy Wonka".  This seems to be a good description since Russell's hair always seems like it just was whipped with an electric blender or he recently stuck his finger in an electrical outlet.

Although he is wild and crazy onscreen, he is known for controversies which have surrounded him in the British media, especially prank calls in 2008 which lead to his resignation from the BBC.

Best Male Celebrity Hair?

If Russell had the absolute worst hair, who had the best? According to the same survey, BBC business editor Robert Peston was voted the man with the best celebrity hair in the survey, beating James Bond star Daniel Craig, as men voting wanted Peston's "conservative" hair style to look clever.

Hollywood hunks George Clooney and Brad Pitt placed third and fourth in the poll of best male celebrity hair, followed by footballer and fashion icon David Beckham.

No surprises there.

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