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Russell Crowe - Sports Should Be About Inspiring Kids

Aussie actor Russell Crowe and his lovely blonde wife Daniella hung out with Oprah Winfrey during her famous Australian tour.  In fact, Russell served as Oprah's first mate on a sailing trip through Sydney's majestic harbor with a full regatta of sailboats full of her hundreds of traveling companions.

Popping In To The Opera House

The charming Russell stopped by for a chat with Oprah at the world famous Opera House.  The actor told the Queen of Talk that he lives so close to the concert hall that he walked over for his appearance and "scared the hell out of a security guard round the back there when I turned up because it wasn't in his brief about me just popping over.  So he had to make a few calls to open the gate and we just walked round here."

Oprah asked Russell what is so great about Sydney particularly.  He said "the key about Sydney is being relaxed about everything, you know.  It's the epitomy of the no worries.  It's about Sydney, it's about connecting with the water, the harbor.  It's about connecting with the beaches.  When you live in a city like this it's not that hard to be friendly."

Russell's take on the difference between Australian men and American men?  "Probably dental care."  Oprah told Russell and her audience "I've seen a lot of great looking Australian men."  She recounted how she told her friend Gayle "maybe you need to find an Aussie man."

South Sydney Rugby Players

Oprah also discussed the fact that Russell is the co-owner of The National Rugby League's South Sydney Rabbit-Ohs.

Oprah said to Russell "you grew up cheering for this team, that's what's so amazing."  Russell said "I was a fan of the team from a very young age.  I know there's something of the fact that South Sydney was a winning team when I was a kid.  That stayed with me.

Its (the team) been through a lot of ups and downs, but I believe if I can get that team back to the place of being a winning team.  It's going to be very inspirational for this generation of kids in the South City District.  We have a lot of different kids that live there.  People that live in kinda fancy places.  But a lot of people that live in government housing s well.  And its very important.  Sports should be about inspiring kids."

Homes In Other Locations Is About Sleeping In Your Office

Oprah said hello to Russell's wife who was in the audience and said it was interesting that Russell doesn't have any other homes but in Australia.  He said "one in the city, one in the bush."

When Oprah asked the actor why he made the decision not to have homes in other locations he said "because its like sleeping in your office.  It didn't seem very healthy.  My job is about real characters and real people and taking the experiences I have in my life into my job.  And I just felt if I did cut my ties with where I come from that that would have a certain level of damage from what I do.  So I kept it (my home)."

Russell then paused and introduced some of the members of his rugby team who were in the audience and had them stand up and receive applause.  That was impressive since it showed Russell's amazing support for his team.

Oprah then gave Russell a pitch for his next movie due out in Australia on February 3rd - The Next Three Days.  It certainly showcased the rough and tough Mr. Crowe in a brand new light as someone who loves his country, his family and his rugby.

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