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Taylor Swift Battles Frizz And Natural Curls

One of the bad things about being a horrendous pack rat is that frequently I can't find anything.  No matter how hard I look.  Then there are other times I unearth a treasure trove of good hair, beauty and related information.

I had such an experience this morning as I was digging through old boxes of magazines from a few years ago.  I found an interview with singing sensation Taylor Swift talking about her naturally curly hair and the challenges she faces.  It was eye opening.

(Image of Taylor Swift at the 44th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards Press Room - 04-05-09 - - All Rights Reserved).

Here is this young woman with the marshmallow blonde tresses who always looks so well put together talking about her hair struggles.

I continued to dig and found a more recent article.  In 2009 Taylor was interviewed by Twist Magazine.  The title of that article was Taylor Swift Spills:  "My Frizzy Hair Nightmare".

In Twist Magazine in 2008 Taylor explained she used to cringe every time she looked at her hair in the mirror.  She reported that once she hit her teen years, she felt like her fizz got worse every single day.  She also told Twist that everyone around her seemed to have salon perfect tresses.  She said "all the cool girls in school had straight hair."

Taylor shared "all the cool girls would get out of the shower and their hair dried perfectly straight, naturally!.  And I'd get out of the shower and my hair would curl up and look really frizzy!  Because of that, I straightened my hair in junior high and high school - I felt like I had to do that to fit in."

Going straight with her hair wasn't all it was cracked up to be.  Taylor discovered it took her hours to transform her curls into bone straight, frizz-free strands.  She soon decided it just wasn't the effort.

Taylor said "I realized if you're lucky enough to have something about you that makes you different, embrace it."  Taylor realized her natural curls made her unique and gorgeous in her own right.  She said "so I started letting my hair go curly, and it turned out to be something that set me apart."

Taylor has become a big star and of course that means the instant access to some of the top celebrity hairdressers in the world.  However, when the beautiful blonde cherub does her own curls she said she "just adds a little product and lets her curls bounce."  To control crazy frizz Taylor applies a defrisant, smoothing spray and/or anti-frizz serum to her hair right after she gets out of the shower.

She also knows that not everyone is happy with their hair and even those straight-haired gurls wish they had curls too.  How ironic is that?

Taylor noted that sometimes her hair frizzes up while she's performing because of the hot lights and because she gets hot and sweats.  No worries for the blonde performer.  She has learn "to love her unruly locks" and doesn't let it get in the way of her performing.  Taylor just lets her curls be what they are.

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