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Create The Flaunt Hairstyle In Three Hair Different Textures

The Flaunt is a medium length hairstyle based on the double cut technique. Hair that falls chunky with an attitude. Disconnection that eliminates heavy lines and leaves a feminine, modern feeling.

Seamless layering is used to blend The Flaunt and this creates a texture that is otherwise unimaginable.

Ask your stylist to create this look... then you add the attitude with KMS Silker, AMP Volume or Hair Play depending on the ultimate look you wish to flaunt.

Note: Print this photo and take to your hairdresser to provide a visual tool.

(Image of The Flaunt Hairstyle from KMS - Model: Jacqui - All Rights Reserved)

If you prefer a sleek look without volume, use KMS Silker only.  If you prefer volume add the KMS AMP Volume, if you want just straight strands, work with KMS Hair Play.  If you would like to rock all three, combine and layer the KMS products.

The ultimate choice is yours.

Step By Step Instructions

KMS products offer you three amazing options for re-creating this hairstyle.  You can select perfectly controlled tresses, amped up volume or flat ironed tresses.

For Perfectly Controlled Tresses

For perfectly controlled hair, Jaqui's hair was prepped with Silker Leave-In Treatment. This was sprayed liberally throughout the hair.

To control the hair while drying, Silker 2-in-1 Shaping Creme was applied.

A large round brush was used and a blow dryer with an air flow director, making sure the brush and the dryer work together from the roots to the ends stretching the hair smooth.

For Maximum Volume

If you want max volume apply AMP Volume 2-in-1 Thickening Creme from the roots to ends. Using the fingers, massage the Amp Volume 2-in-1 Thickening Creme well into the hair.

Next, apply AMP Volume Styling Foam to the roots for maximum support. With a blow dryer, power dry the roots to create volume. The mid-lengths and the ends are dried with a round brush, giving the hair a slight bend at the mid-shaft. Be sure to keep the ends smooth.

For Flat Ironed Tresses

Hair Play Tacky Gel was applied from the roots to the ends.

The hair was blow dired with a large round brush and a blow dryer with an air flow director. The hair is stretched perfectly straight. Next, take a flat iron and straighten pieces of hair, over-directing each panel towards the back of the head.

For best results, prepare each section by first spraying Flat Out Stay Smooth Spray and then Flat Out Weightless Shine Spray.

To finish this very on-trend style, apply Hair Play Configure gently over each panel to get a high shine and finish.

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