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Male Hair From Hell - Tyler Labine - Sock On Reaper

The primary plot for The CW's Reaper is that Sam Oliver's (Bret Harrison) soul was sold to The Devil (played by Jerry Belvedere) and now he is required to be The Devil's Bounty Hunter.  As you can imagine, this make's Sam's life extremely complicated.

(Image of Tyler Labine - as Bert "Sock" Wysocki in Reaper on The CW - Photo Michael Courtney/The CW © 2007 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved)

Luckily he has two friends Bert "Sock" Wysocki (Tyler Sean Labine) and Puerto Riccan (Benjamine Casper Perez Gonzales (played by Rick Gonzalez) to help him through the trails and tribulations of hunting escaped souls.

Although at first Sam's friends seem normal. They're not.  Even more interesting, they both have hair that some might describe as "hair from hell".

Sock, who is famous for his role as Dave Groves on the cult favorite Invasion, has several character flaws.

Besides being lazy, narcissistic and seriously delusional, he aggressively lusted after his Japanese step-sister until he slept with her, stealing her virginity.

(Image of "The Cop" - Pictured Tyler Labine as Bert "Sock" Wysocki in Reaper on The CW.  Photo by Michael Courtney/The CW © 2007 - The CW Network, LLC.  All Rights Reserved -

While that might seem horrible, what is more shocking is how unattractive Sock really is.  Ironically, he is so dillusional he thinks he is a hot stud that all women will naturally want to be with.

If you're a woman you've met Sock.  His hair is dirty, greasy and spiked to weird angles.  The only advantage to his hair is that it distracts from his facial features and odd shaped body.  Sock is definitely not a snazzy dresser.  In fact it appears he wears the same clothes for days on end.  And you now what that means.

Even though Sock is so wrong on some many levels, starting with his hair, he thinks every women he meets instantly wants to sleep with him.

Since Sock believes he is a hot stud he is constantly hitting on every imaginable woman, old and young, odd and less odd.  When's he's not trying so sleep with someone he is trying to figure out how to get out of work or run a con on someone.  Usually he ultimately fails but he never stops trying.

Sock is one of those guys that creep you out so bad you sort of feel sorry for how dillusional he is.

While I am intrigued by Sock, I am more fascinated by his hair which looked very similar in his previous role on Invasion.  It is interesting to note that Tyler played a side-kick in the Invasion series as well.  His hair was also coiffed almost identically.

("Pilot"-- Pictured (L to R) Bret Harrison as Sam and Tyler Labine as Sock in REAPER on The CW. Photo: Michael Courtney/The CW (C)2007 The CW Network. All Rights Reserved.)

In the Invasion series Sock was helping to hunt for odd water based aliens which were very similar to glow-in-the-dark fish.  In Reaper he is helping to hunt for escaped souls to return them back to Hell.   Sock has had some personal close calls with Hell as Sam's side-kick soul hunter.  It could be said that his wild and crazy spiked hairdo is straight from hell.

It's also interesting that the character Tyler played in Invasion was as dilusional about himself as Sock is in Reaper.

One thing that does seem slightly different about Tyler's hair from Invasion to Reaper is the fullness of his spike.  Is that because he has let his hair grow fuller?

(Tyler Labine on Invasion to the left and Tyler on Reaper to the Right - The CW - All Rights Reserved)

Or has he had a little help from his on-set hairdresser who backcombs his hair to achieve max volume?  Tyler's hair is definitely styled with a strong hold paste or styling glue and probably finished off with some firm hold hairspray.

I do like Tyler's hair in principle.  It's original and creative.  It is definitely hair that captures your interest attention.  I don't really like Sock all that much and definitely preferred his character in the Invasion show.

Recreating Sock's Hair From Hell Spikes

Regardless, if you like Sock's Hair From Hell Spikes it will be necessary to complete the following steps:

1.  Get a haircut and tell your barber or hairdresser you want to grow huge spikes.  Take a photo of Sock to show your hairdresser your ultimate goal.

2.  Ask your hair consultation for hair styling product recommendations.  There are so many great products available for spiking hair.

3.  Practice backcombing your hair to achieve desired fullness and Sock's messy slightly matted look.

4.  Hair like Sock's is usually most successfully created on hair that is allowed to age.

('Pilot'--(L to R) Tyler Labine as Sock and Bret Harrison as Sam stars in REAPER on THE CW. Photo: Sergei Bachlakov/The CW (C)2007 The CW Network. All Rights Reserved.)

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