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Hell No Hair Blogs

Hell No Hair Blogs

Burning Fires Like Those Thoughts To Burn In Hell - - All Rights Reserved Burning Fires Like Those Thoughts To Burn In Hell - - All Rights Reserved

My blog may at times border at the entrance of hair boredom, typos may slip through (Cheryl Crosby where are your editing gifts when I need you?) or I may seem to be off in some alternative hair zone.

100% Original Hair And Beauty Content

One thing is guaranteed, all of my blogs are 100% original hair and beauty related content passing.

They pass directly from my hair obsessed brain into my hairless fingers.

There are no fake or hell no hair blogs ever going to originate from my fingertips as long as my mind functions and my fingers can still type.

A Scary Hair Brain

Brains Clique From Big Brother Competition - CBS - All Rights Reserved Brains Clique From Big Brother Competition - CBS - All Rights Reserved

If you could only imagine the hair thoughts constantly circulating through my brain.

I even scare myself sometimes.

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with some of the most bizarre hair blog ideas.

Luckily for my hair visitors, I often forget to write down my bursts of hair craziness.

If by chance you do spot a Hell No Hair Blog originating from my direction, I beg you to email me and ask me WTH is happening.

Please ask me if aliens have taken over my body, I forgot how to spell hair or I'm trapped in a lair of evil Hair Advertorial Demons torturing me to write pure hair crap.

Never Say Never

Gifts Gifts -

I realize you should never say never. Of course there is always the possibility someone will present me with a check containing lots and lots of zeros.

If that happens I may actually  consider selling out, but immediately leaving town afterwards.

Of course if I'm ever going to sell out after 18+ years in the hair world, I don't want to get beaten with hair brushes from angry peers, visitors and hair friends.

Advertising, Affiliate Checks, Samples Or Other Bounty

Yes, takes advertising to pay the bills and Amazon sometimes sends us an affiliate check, if they can put enough pennies together to pay us.

Never fear, I clearly post any time I'm writing about something where I have been specifically paid or received samples or gifts.

Any unsolicited samples or gifts are immediately donated to my favorite women's shelter.

Content Integrity

Conair Boar Bristle Mini Brush Available At Marketplace Conair Boar Bristle Mini Brush Available At Marketplace

I rarely take any payment for my blogs, including samples or gifts. I really do want to maintain content integrity. 

Plus I want to sleep soundly at night.  I hate worrying about about misleading anyone on purpose or even accidentally.

Advertorial Hair Demons

Lately the advertorial hair content demons have amped up their game trying to tempt with all sorts of super sweet deals.

According to my tormentors, all I need to do to take advantage of these deals, ranging from hard cold cash to free trips, spa visits and other bounty is to move out of the way.

Cornstarch Cornstarch

I just need to close my eyes and just publish the blogs (cough, cough) they send me.

Never mind that publishing hard core hair advertorials would completely betray the trust my longtime visitors and readers have in my content integrity.

Summary - Hell No Hair Blogs

Yesterday I received two separate requests to publish guest blogs which contained 100% pure advertising for hair salons wrapped in puff, fluff and maybe a little bit of dry shampoo powder.

The proposed blogs were the true definition of Hell No Hair Blogs.

Assortment Of Hair Product Samples - - All Rights Reserved Assortment Of Hair Product Samples - - All Rights Reserved

Even more astounding, they asked me to publish them on my blog "out of the goodness of my heart" and to help "hair salons" in a city and state very far away from my hometown.

They didn't even try to bribe me. Have the hell no hair blog pushers sunk to a new low?

Now that I've vented I can return to hair blogging with a purpose.

Don't forget, I'm counting on all of you to save me if I fall off the real hair content wagon.

Blog Dedication This blog is dedicated to my 10+ years editor Cheryl Crosby who always kept me on the right path for spelling and grammar with my writing.

I miss your guiding hand and red pen.

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