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I Blogged Myself Into A Network Coma

After being knocked out for some weeks with a horrendous case of bronchitis I finally recovered my normal energy levels a few days ago.

What did I do?  You guessed it.  I sat down at my Toshiba notebook in my Feng Shui approved directions and started blogging until my fingers were literally numb and swollen from typing.

I had not really been able to blog more than two or three times a day while I was ill so I had a lot of stuff I wanted to blog about roaming around in my brain.

(Image of hospital room courtesy of Haap Media, LTD - All Rights Reserved)

Unfortunately I wrote fifteen blogs in one day, ten the second day and was well on my way to ten on the third day when the server hosting my blogs started to sputter, smoke, cough and finally refused to allow me to access my blog. was down, out and in a complete non responsive coma.  Literally no responsive at all.  Even after a forced server reboot.  Ack.

I was beyond frustrated.  I was left hanging in mid-sentence.

Yeah, as it always happens, my blog went into a coma on Sunday night at 10 pm which meant no assistance until the next morning.

Since my blog is not mission critical to the operation of it naturally doesn't get the same priority as if the entire site crashed or the HB Marketplace had errors.

Some parts of the site get 24/7 attention.  My blog?  Not so much.

On Monday the HairBoutique web guys checked out the server where my blog resides.  Indeed something major had happened.  Was it because of my excessive blogging?

Afterall, unlike famous blogger Perez Hilton who does just a few paragraphs for each blog, I write a lot more.  Probably too much, but since I'm blogging for myself and not for any other reason I write what I feel I need to say even it my blogs average 1,000 to 5,000 words.

Yes, I appreciate all the great visitors who stop by and read my ramblings and leave comments.  Truth be told I would still be blogging if no one stopped by.  Some people paint to express themselves.  I write.

When I write for, The Examiner or the many hair magazines I contribute to (101 Celebrity Hairstyles, Short Cuts, Harris Publications) I write to inform about appropriate hair, beauty and related topics.

When I'm blogging I really am doing a stream of consciousness blogging.  While I try to stick to hair, beauty, fashion or related, I do tend to let my mind wander at times.  Is that a good thing or a bad thing?  I guess it just depends on your opinion.

Unlike supermodel Gisele Bundchen who just publicly criticized all women who dared not to breast feed, I would never criticize anyone who blogged for whatever reason.

Blogging, whether you do it or not or on what topic should totally be your choice.  While it's nice to have an audience, blogging is such a great way to get in touch with your core self.  I applaud anyone who blogs on a regular basis.

What many people who start blogging don't realize is how much work blogging is.

Whether you are doing a stream of hair, beauty, fashion and related consciousness like me or providing more serious topics about politics, health or the economy I respect the effort.

Meanwhile after seeing that I had literally published over 3,000 of my wordy blogs in the past year and a half the web guys became alarmed that I am consistently overwhelming the server.  They asked me to chill out for a day or so while they looked at some alternative network options.

I did as they said and laid low yesterday although I was antsy to get back at it.  Today they said I could blog as long as I tried to control myself.  They did promise once they got a few things upgraded I could go back to my marathon blogging.  In the meantime I'm going to have to redirect to the articles section.

If you are one of my followers (thank you so much) and wondered why I was temporarily MIA you now know the reason.  I hope you will stop by the front page of and catch my articles while the network coma is being resolved.

As always I appreciate all of your comments and visits.

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