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Tori Spelling Mother Drama

Torri Spelling And Her Family

Tori Spelling Mother Drama

Tori Spelling was on The View and was debunking some of the comments her mother has made publicly about the relationship with Tori.

She was first asked about her public comment that she is not anorexic.  Tori pointed out she has been pregnant for the past 2 1/2 years with her two children and the public doesn't remember what she looked like before she was pregnant.  Tori said she looks like she did, weight wise, before she had her two kids.

The ladies on The View asked Tori about the ongoing drama between her and mom Candy which is playing out in public and across the media.  Tori has recently written a book and so has her mother. The information in the two books do not match and has turned into a finger pointing which leaves readers trying to figure out who is the villainous and who is the heroine.

Is mom Candy telling the truth about Tori or is Tori telling the truth.  The reality?  They're probably both telling some truths and some falsehoods.  At this point a third party would be more reliable narrating the long standing issues between mother and daughter.

When discussing her relationship with her mother Tori said she and her mother "don't mesh".  The ladies asked does she like her mother?  At least on some level?  Tori hesitated but said "on some level".

Tori Spelling With Long Side Swept Fringe

Barbara asked Tori why she doesn't pick up the phone and call her mother?  Tori says at this point after everything that has happened, her mother should "reach out" to her.

The actress said the relationship with her mother "is a lot more complicated" than it seems from the outside looking in.  Tori said if my mother "wants to be an active grandmother" to her two children, "she is all for that."

Tori And Candy's Relationship

When asked about a relationship between Tori and Candy, Tori said she is not "actively pursing a relationship with her mother."  Tori pointed out her mother was in her first child's life, but then all of a sudden withdrew and to this day Tori doesn't know why.

Tori said "if she is serious about being a presence in their life" she welcomes that presence.

Tori said she doesn't want this ongoing mother/daughter feud to be a public matter. Barbara pointed out that it has been public with both Tori and Candy writing books about the feud.  Could it be more public than that?  Barbara also pointed out that both Tori and Candy have gone on various talk shows to discuss their ongoing conflict.

A clip of Tori's two children was played for the audience.  They are adorable.   Tori said her husband "is completely hands on".  Tori  also reported that her little boy "is a daddy's boy."

Tori Spelling With Hair Puled Back Into A Bun


Changing the topic to the other events happening for Tori,  Elisabeth talked about Tori's return on 90210 as Donna and the fact she's no longer with David, her long time 90210 love.

Tori hinted that things might work out for Donna and David down the road and not to assume anything.  She said the show wanted to show a realistic outcome for Donna and David.

Tori explained that since Donna and David were high school sweethearts and had gotten married and had children, their life has changed significantly.  Which explains the reasons why Donna and David are not currently together.

After discussing various 90120 plots regarding Donna and David,  Joy told Tori that her mother Candy is scheduled to appear on The View.

When asked what her dad would say about the problems with Tori and Candy the platinum blonde actress said he would want us to all be together.

It certainly will be interesting to watch Candy Spelling on The View to hear her side of the story.

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