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Taylor Swift Marshmallow Blonde Hair

Anyone who studies blonde hair will tell you that when blonde hues are chemically created by a hair color expert using top of the line professional colors, the possible hues are endless.

A great hair colorist studies their client's skin tones, eye color and hair type, texture and cut before they head to their color mixing bowls.

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Much like a great artist, a talented hair colorist creates a magnificent work of blonde hair art that is a unique and one-of-a-kind kaleidoscope of complementary tones and hues which work in harmony creating dimension, movement and shine.

The very talented Taylor Swift is currently a poster child for tweens and teens that want to emulate her gorgeous blue hues.  Taylor's gorgeous marshmallow blonde is a very special custom designed color formula that can not be recreated with a box of hair color from the local drugstore.  Taylor's creamy blonde is the combination of rich blonde base with alternating blonde highlights and lowlights.

More importantly, even if your own professional haircolorist tracks down the three different hair color formulations utilized for Taylor, unless your own hair has exactly the same natural color and your hair texture is identical, Taylor's color may not look the same on your hair.

This is a common misconception that many hair consumers are unaware of.  Just as the identical bob haircut will look different on three different models because of the difference in their hair type, texture and condition, as well as their individual facial characteristics, the same is true with celebrity hair colors.

How do you emulate the hair color of your favorite celebrity?  Follow the tips below:

1.  Gather as many color photos of the celebrity you like with multiple views.  The larger the photos the better.

2.  Find the very best hair colorist in your local area that specializes in the same color of hue you wish to recreate.  Yes, some colorists specialize in blonde versus other colors.  Ask when you call for a consultation.

3.  Go for a consultation ONLY.  Take the photos and ask how closely your hair can be colored to match the celeb in question.  If the hair colorists says they can get you close but not identically, be sure to listen. 

4.  If the haircolorists tells you because of your base hair color, type, texture or condition it would be difficult to match, ask them what they might be able to do instead.  Ask to see photos of shades they could re-create for you.

5.  Do not make any hasty hair color decisions.  Take some time to consider your options.  When in doubt you may even wish to get a second or third opinion.

6.  Take a friend or family member with you to the hair color consultation and ask them to take notes for further discussions after you leave the salon for your consultation.

Keep in mind that even if you track down Taylor's actual haircolorist, they still might not be able to duplicate her color on your hair because of your natural base color.  Also, depending on your eye and skin tones, even if they can get you to the same color, it still may not look like Taylor's.

One other consideration is Taylor's natural texture which is very curly.  It is likely that her hair color is hand painted (Baylage) onto her hair while it's in naturally curly form to get the most natural dimension.  If your hair is stick straight you may not see the same depth and dimension that has been achieved on Taylor's hair.

Finally, if you are going to a drastic change to emulate a celeb's hair color, please buy a wig in a close color and wear it to see if you like the look.

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