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Mariah Carey Cut Hair On Rachel Ray

Mariah Carey stopped by to visit Rachel Ray a few months ago to talk about her new fragrance topped of course with a dazzling rich pink butterfly.  The songbird sat at the table with Rachel as they chatted about a variety of topics ranging from the new fragrance to the career Mariah would have if she wasn't a singer, actress and performer.  Hint, it has to do with hair and make-up.

(Image of Mariah Carey and husband Nick Cannon- 2008 American Music Awards Press Room - 11-23-08 - - All Rights Reserved).

The award winning songwriter and performer was wearing a black dress with a pink jacket.  Her hair was parted down the middle and coiffed straight from the roots to the ends which were then slightly curled.

Note: The show where Mariah visited with Rachel was re-broadcast today (April 8, 2009)

Mariah told Rachel her new fragrance "has a strong peony base" because peonies are one of Mariah's favorite flowers.  The songbird told Rachel she was very involved in creating her new scent and the mega-star spent time learning about the various notes for the fragrance. 

While her perfume has a strong aroma of peonies she told Rachel it also has "notes of burnt marshmallows" which Rachel could relate to because of her food focus.

Mariah told Rachel that her new fragrance is more of a "daytime aroma" rather than her first fragrance which is much more of an "evening fragrance."

(Image of Mariah Carey in the 2008 American Music Awards Press Room - 11-23-08 - - All Rights Reserved).

Mariah Becoming Comfortable About Her Body

The vivacious Rachel discussed the fact that Mariah said she wasn't always comfortable with herself and her body.  Initially the singer said she was more comfortable with her hair and her make-up and slowly had to learn to be more confident about herself and her body.  Mariah said as she learned about her hair and her make-up she ultimately became more comfortable with her body.

Challenges Of Doing An International Tour

Mariah was talking with Rachel about the challenges she faces when she goes on an International tour which can last approximately three months.  The songbird said the thing about world tours that is most annoying is that she can't take  her various animales (dogs and cats) with her.    Shamrock is her new kitten which she received as a gift from her husband Nick.  She also has a dog.  Of course whenever Nick can be with her on her tour it makes things so much better for Mariah.

Play Date For Rachel Ray and Mariah Carey's Dogs

Rachel and Mariah discussed setting up a play date between Mariah's dog Jack Jr and Rachel's dog.  Rachel told the audience she has a 55 pound pit bull which Rachel says jumps on top of her. Rachel and Mariah also discussed the fact they both take their dogs to doggy day care.

Keeping Track Of Record Sales And Stats?

Rachel asked Mariah if she keeps track of statistics on how well her records do.  She told Rachel she still gets excited when she hears her songs on the radio and when her songs go to #1 she is thrilled.  The songbird commented that she is not "a competitive fiend."  For her, she is already so blessed with her success.  She also really appreciates her fans who Mariah said are striving for her to do well.  She writes her own lyrics and it is an extension of how Mariah feels.

Has Writing Music Gotten Easier For Mariah?

Rachel wanted to know if writing music has gotten easier for Mariah?  The award winning performer said writing songs is what she loves the most.  She said being able to express herself with her songs and knowing it might help someone else makes her love what she does.  She admitted she is "a control freak about her music."  Rachel disagreed and said she didn't think Mariah was a control freak at all.

Rachel also asked Mariah about her video, I Stay In Love, which Mariah's husband, Nick Cannon, directed.

How Did Mariah And Nick Hook Up In The Beginning?

Rachel wanted to know if it was hard for Nick Cannon to ask someone as famous as Mariah out on a date.  The singer explained that before Nick asked her out he was talking about her to the media.  He would also say Mariah was his dream celebrity crush.  As a result of Nick always talking about her to the media, other people would always tell Mariah that Nick was saying lots of nice things about her.

Therefore their first introduction was really with Nick always talking about Mariah.  As a result their ultimate connection was as easy as breathing.  Which is how Mariah described her relationship with Nick.

Mimi's Rules To Live By

Rachel introduced Mariah's Mimi's Rules To Live By which Rachel then discussed.  Rachel said one of the things Mariah had to think about was the simply action of how to get out of a car.   Celebrities are constantly being photographed so it's important they exit from the car gracefully and with all body parts covered.

Getting Out Of Car With Grace

Mariah said it has been really difficult (getting out of cars) and she had to learn how to do it and be really aware of it.  She said the media got her one time but "at least I had underwear on.  And I was very thankful for that."  She told Rachel you lead with the leg and place you hand down and then you're up and if someone is in front of you, you proceed to walk.  Rachel laughed and said "luckily for me no one has seen above my knee caps."

Mariah also pointed out it depends on the type of car you are in.  If you are in an Escalade in a teeny skirt it can be more difficult.

How do you tell someone that you have lipstick on your teeth or you have toilet paper stuck to your shoe or food in your teeth.  Mariah said she has had all of those things happen to her.

Mariah said when she has to tell someone they have lipstick on their teeth or similar she said it depends on how well she knows the person.  If it's a friend of Mariah's she has no problem letting them know but if it is someone she doesn't know she has a harder time telling them because she "doesn't need anyone getting mad" at her.

Using A Knife Or Spoon As A Mirror

Mariah shared a great tip.  She said when she is trying to figure out if she has lipstick on her teeth or food stuck somewhere she takes a knife and looks at it to sneak a peek.  Mariah treats a knife or spoon as a mirror.  Rachel loved Mariah's tip and said if you know someong give them a clue (about lipstick or teeth or food or whatever) or find a utensil and sneak a peek.

Rachel said she heard Mariah could apply gloss without a mirror.  Mariah said a friend of hers, Elena gave Mariah a lip gloss kit with a tiny mirror on the side and a tiny light which Mariah uses to apply her lip gloss in the dark if necessary.

Private Nicknames Between Mariah And Nick?

Rachel's audience was allowed to ask Mariah questions.  One of the questions was about Mariah's many nicknames.  Mariah was asked if she had any nicknames she and Nick shared.  Mariah said they have "private nicknames" and she was "unwilling to share" them because the nicknames are "too good" and then "we would have to make up new ones".

Mariah Is A Beauty School Dropout

Mariah was also asked if she wasn't doing singing and acting what would she be doing?  Rachel already had props set up and it was a mannequin.  Rachel told her audience, believe it or not Mariah Carey would be a hairdresser and a make-up artist.

Rachel pointed out that Mariah went to beauty school.  Mariah said she "was a beauty school dropout" and she "quit because she went to beauty school in high school and was doing demos" for her recording career, which cut into her school time.  As a result she had to stop attending classes but she loved working with hair and make-up.

Mariah Performed A Hair Cutting Demo

Mariah said she had a mannequin just like Rachel's but she had blue eyes and little eyelashes.  The singer laughed and said she was talking  technical hair terms when she asked if she could have a tail comb for her hair demo on the mannequin.

Mariah prepared to do a hair cutting demo. She said "you have to section the hair" and then she said "I haven't done hair since 1902".  Mariah was laughing and showing the audience how to cut a layered look on the mannequin on Rachel's stage.  She autographed the mannequin on the neck for Rachel.

The segment ended with Mariah still cutting the front of the mannequins hair.

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