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Vin Diesel Tales Of Dungeons and Dragons

Recently Vin Diesel was on The Jimmy Kimmel show on ABC.  During the course of a very long interview where lots of great info about Vin was uncovered Jimmy said "I heard you played Dugeons and Dragons (D&D), is that true?"

Vin said "yes I played Dungeons and Dragons for twenty years."

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Jimmy was astounded "WOW, and do you play, still to this day? As an adult?"  Vin said "well I haven't played recently, noooo."  Jimmy said "you haven't played recently?  OK, I can't imagine."  Vin said "no."

Vin Diesel Playing Dungeons and Dragons

Jimmy commented "I can't imagine you playing Dungeons and Dragons, I can imagine you beating up the kids that play Dungeons and Dragons."

Vin laughed as he said "no, I wasn't that guy.  I played very very religiously, I mean it was my favorite thing to do growing up." 

Vin Diesel's Favorite D&D Character

Jimmy asked "and you would sit there with the dice, did you have a character?"  Vin said "I had soooo many characters."  Jimmy questioned "was there one main character that you had?"  Vin said "I had a character named Melcor."

Jimmy replied "really, well what was Melcor's story?"  Vin explained "in Triple X (XXX) he was such a sick character he was a half drowl, he was a witch hunter it was just bananas.  I mean if I told you about Melcor you guys wouldn't even believe it.  This guy, the things he used to do, he would walk into a Tavern, destroy was just ruthless."

Vin Diesel Happy Talking About D&D Character

Jimmy mused "look how happy you are talking about Melcor."  Vin agreed "Melcor, was just, it's all about."  Jimmy probed "you miss him don't you?"  Vin said "I miss Melcor, there's a part of Triple X I have a tattoo that says Melcor over my stomach ."  Jimmy asked "from your own Melcor?"  Vin replied "from my own Melcor. And they asked me to write the forward for the 30th Anniversary Book of Dungeons and Dragons."

Jimmy "and did you do it?" Vin "of course I did."  Jimmy "oh you did? You have to, right?"  Vin "how are you not going to, if they ask you?"  Jimmy said "oh Melcor would be furious if you didn't".  Vin "Melcor would be. We're trying to create a video game of Melcor."  Jimmy agreed "I don't see why you shouldn't. Absolutely, everyone should get a piece of Melcor."

Vin questioned Jimmy "I'm surprised you didn't know about Melcor?"  Jimmy said "Melcor sounds like a plastic company or something."  Vin said "what are you talking about? Melcor,  I think it's an old, well it's a token created name."  Jimmy "oh it is?"  Vin "yeah."

The Importance Of Snacks For Playing D&D

Jimmy continued "I only played Dungeons And Dragons a couple of times.  I did, I went to a guy's house once and his mom set us up at the table and all she gave us the whole day was a glass of water.  So I never went back.  Not a piece of popcorn, not a chip."

Vin commented "you bring up a good point.  You can not play Dungeons and Dragons without a whole bag of snacks."  Jimmy agreed "you need snacks.  You can't do anything without snacks."

Vin said "we used to eat quarts of Haagen Daz coffee ice cream."  Jimmy said "if I played with you guys I would weigh 400 pounds instead of 300."

Getting Sauced Playing Dungeons and Dragons

Vin said "as we got older some of the kids, there was one kid who became a cop.  And he would play and he would put his gun on the table.  And he was a drinker.  So he would have a bottle of 151 and he'd be getting sauced and you'd have an argument with him and then there is a gun pointing at you while you're playing and you're like...its OK....."

At that point Jimmy was interrupted by his Uncle Sal and proceeded to move onto another topic. Vin's Dungeons and Dragons stories were at a close.

Personal D&D Experiences

The entire segment was most interesting because I played Dungeons and Dragons for two years back in the 1980s and completely loved it.  I could relate to the snacks and drinking comments.  In fact, the D&D group I was in broke up because our Dungeon Master would get so drunk he would pass out and we would have to suspend the games.  It because a problem and eventually we just stopped playing.  Sad but true.

I love that Vin was so willing to share his character with Jimmy Kimmel and the rest of the audience.  It was a very enlightening conversation.

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