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Perez Hilton Dancing Queen

I adore Perez Hilton for a number of reasons.  Yes, some people are offended by his chalk drawings and his naming conventions but I think he is definitely an Internet legend.

(Image of Perez Hilton as he appeared on 4/5/09 Edition of NBC's Celebrity Apprentice - - All Rights Reserved).

Perez, before he was Perez, worked for Multi Media International (MMI) working on print mags.

I'm unclear exactly which mag titles he worked on (I think it might have been a mag for gay men?) but I have been working for MMI as a free lancer for over eight years.

Although I never had the pleasure to meet Perez while he was at MMI, I did hear about him (from one of my editors) and his work. I wanted to meet him but sadly it was not to be.

Next thing I know Perez is blogging his heart out on the Web and becoming a major Entertainment Blogger.  This is another reason I admire Perez.  On days when I am not interrupted every 5 minutes and I manage to write my personal daily goal of 10 blogs, I am totally burnt out.

How the heck does he do it all day long, day in and day out?  Trust me, even though I have been accused recently by a visitor of being a "lazy blogger" I work hard at this stuff.  I can not even imagine in my wildest dreams how Perez pulls it off.

(Image of Perez Hilton as he appeared on 4/5/09 Edition of NBC's Celebrity Apprentice - - All Rights Reserved).

Blogging Is Hard Work

Blogging is hard work.  Well, if you write entertaining, interesting and focused Blogs and you don't just steal headlines it is.   I love how Perez always has the freshest celeb buzz and greatest dirt.  He obviously works very hard and until you have tried to blog like he does, well, you just have no idea how much work it is.

Perez Hilton - Master Of Personal Transformation

Yes, I know, he has offended some but I honestly believe he is just doing his job and the majority of his followers love his comments and artwork.

I also love how Perez has transformed himself.  Have you seen him lately?  Perez was on the latest version of the Celebrity Apprentice, which I blogged about last night (see images above), and he looked amazing.

Over the past year Perez has lost a significant amount of weight.  He looks slim and trim.  He is showcasing his sizzling new body with hot new fashions.  For his appearance on The Donald's Celebrity Apprentice he wore a spectacular powder blue...or was it baby blue...suit with a stunning shirt and tie.

His hair also blows me away.  I want all the details.   Who did his hair?  Did they hand twist each of his perfectly formed curls?  Comeon, somebody, help me out here.

(Image of Perez Hilton as he appeared on 4/5/09 Edition of NBC's Celebrity Apprentice - - All Rights Reserved).

Celebrity Blogger Stardom

Even more importantly, I admire how Perez has emerged as a Celebrity Blogger.

But I want more, more, more.  I want to see Perez shaking his sizzling blonde curls on ABC's Dancing With The Stars (DWTS).  He certainly would have gadzillions of fans voting for him in the same vein as the recently bounced Woz.  Perez Hilton would be the perfect dancing queen on DWTS.  I bet he might even win.

Perez on Celebrity Apprentice?

Or course he did so great on Celebrity Apprentice and The Donald told him he was "terrific", which he is.  So Donald, why not have Perez on as a semi-permanent judge?  Or how about a contestant for the next edition of Celebrity Apprentice.

(Image of Perez Hilton with his adorable dog - - All Rights Reserved).

He would be awesome, not to mention the fact he would be promoting Bloggers and gay men at the same time.  A big win for both groups.  Not to mention promoting his hair and fashions.

Ellen Degeneres Please

Where else do I want to see Perez?  Besides DWTS and The Celebrity Apprentice I want to see him on Ellen to discuss the art of getting so many Twitter followers.  I also want him to be a special guest judge on America's Next Model because heaven knows, his hair is definitely hotter than Miss Jay's and even Tyra's hairstyles.  He would be awesome on American Idol bantering with Ryan, Paula and Simon.

Jimmy, Jay, David

And what about Jimmy Kimmel, Jay Leno and David Letterman?  OK.  I also want him on The View with the girls talking hair and Oprah talking dogs.  Doesn't Perez have the same type of dog as Oprah's latest puppy?  Maybe not but what the heck.  They are both dog lovers like me.

Unfortunately I was not able to get to Austin to see Perez or to Vegas for his birthday but I am determined to make it to one of his performances.  Hopefully Madonna will see how great he was with Brit-Brit and make him her own special guest for one of her tour dates.

Searching For Perez Hilton's Celeb Apprentice Hairstyle Details

Meanwhile, will somebody please put me out of my misery and let me know who did the stunning hairstyle Perez wore on Celebrity Apprentice.  Donald, could you drop me an email if you know?

Yeah, I'm kinda upset at The Donald for booting Khloe but I'm was also thrilled to see Perez so it's a wash.  If you want to get on my good side Donald, please have Mr. Hilton's hairdresser email me with the details of his fab hairstyle.

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