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8 Reasons I Love My Haircolorist Rose Zuniga

Long Ash Brown Hair With Highlights - Courtesy of Paul Mitchell Long Ash Brown Hair With Highlights - Courtesy of Paul Mitchell

The longer I live life, the harder it gets for me to keep track of time.  The only reason I mention this is because I'm sitting here trying to remember my first visit to Dallas-based hair color guru Rose Zuniga.

I guess it's safe to say it's going on eight (8) years since I first met this delightfully talented hair master in 2006.

My Favorite Hair Professional Since 2005 Is Still My Favorite in 2022

Yes, she excels at hair color, but she's also great with cutting and styling naturally curly and long hair.   Although Rose primarily highlights my hair, she also takes scissors to my fringe every time I have my highlights done.  Sometimes she dusts the ends as well.

The Trauma Of An Old Fashioned Highlighting Cap

In the days Before Rose (BR) I used to dread my visits for highlights because my former long-time hair colorist insisted upon using a cap on my below-the-waist strands.

Talk about painful.  Try resting your head in a shampoo bowl while someone tries to yank a plastic cap off your hair which has been saturated with hair color formula.  Yes, to make a pun is definitely a pain in the neck.

Long Luscious Brunette Hair With Side Swept Long Sweeping Fringe Long Luscious Brunette Hair With Side Swept Fringe

After a prior very bad hair color disaster with one year of paranoia about getting my hair highlighted again, I found Rose.  She has an impressive background in hair color, having trained with some of the best in the business.

Rose Has Her Own Independent Mini-Salon

She's an independent hairstylist (Rose operates independently) and books her own appointments (214-755-5628).

Which means she answers only to her clients.  I love that part.  No added salon pressures or snotty front desk receptionists.

Rose is located near the intersection of Abrams and Mockingbird, very close to the famous Dallas restaurant, The Dream Cafe.

Besides always turning my hair into a gorgeous cloud of perfectly created hues of golden, honey, and baby blonde, I love Rose for the following 8 reasons:

1.  Always On Time For Appointments

You can set a clock by Rose.  She has never made me wait.  Her room is always pristine and clean.  So is her workstation.

If my appointment is for 10:00 am, I know I'll be in her chair, being prepped by 10:01.

I also know approximately when she'll finish because she's incredibly organized and efficient.  Even though I have a lot of hair to deal with, she foils my hair with absolute precision.

2.  Pays Close Attention To My Haircolor Issues

Shoulder Length Brunette Hair With Slight Texture At Edges Shoulder Length Brunette Hair With Slight Texture At Edges

Rose always checks my hair with great care.  She always chats with me about any issues I might have with the color or products I'm using to maintain it.

Rose listens carefully to any questions or concerns I have and gives me great guidance.

I always feel that she is paying attention to me, my concerns, and my needs.  I only wish I could find a medical doctor or attorney who was as focused on my professional needs as Rose is on my highlights.

Rose never takes phone calls or interruptions of any kind when I'm in her chair.  She's 100% devoted to my hair. Everything else can wait until she's finished.

Quite honestly, I adore her focus.  It makes me feel special.

It also minimizes the potential for hair disasters.

3.  Not Perfect, And She Acknowledges It

Although I think she's amazing and does my hair color perfectly, Rose will be the first to tell you she doesn't have all the answers.

She does her best, but when it comes to hair color, natural curls, long hair, or whatever the hair topic might be, Rose is always willing to put in the time to do any research.

Rose will admit she doesn't enjoy doing updos or chignons.  Which is why she doesn't do them.  Rose knows hair color, and she loves staying focused on that part of the hair business.

Yes, she's also great at cutting and styling natural curls as well as long tresses, but hair color is her expertise, and she stays focused on those types of clients.

Note:  In 2012, Rose studied Keratin hair smoothing treatments and has become an expert in that line of hair treatments.

Medium Length Blonde Hair With Side Swept Fringe Medium Length Blonde Hair With Side Swept Fringe

4.  She's Fun

While it's not a prerequisite to have a hair colorist who's fun, for me, it's another reason why I love Rose.  The majority of my life is filled with work.

Even when I'm out listening to a new band at a club, I'm usually there to interview someone.  Basically, I work all the time.

When I book time with Rose, it's not politically correct for me to be using my wireless devices.  It would be inconsiderate to even do so.  Not only would it make Rose's hair tasks more difficult, but it would also be disrespectful.  When I visit Rose, I set my iPhone to silent, leave my notebook cover closed and stop tweeting.

While I have Rose's undivided attention, she also has mine.  If I didn't enjoy chatting with her, it might be a long and boring two hours.  Instead, the time flies by as Rose fills me in on all sorts of great stories about hair, newly introduced products, her family, and the latest hairstyle tips.

I have a great time going for my highlights with Rose, which has not always been the case with previous colorists.

5.  She's Honest

If I asked Rose to color my hair some shade that would damage it, she would explain all the risks to me.  She takes full responsibility for creating a great color while maintaining the overall health and integrity of my hair.

Long Blonde Curly Wavy Hair Long Blonde, Curly, Wavy Hair

Rose is famous for creating the gorgeous Dallas blonde hues you see on the beauties who attend SMU and shop at North Park Mall.

Rose has graciously turned away clients who request hair color, which would destroy their tresses.  Even if it means she loses revenue, Rose doesn't ever want her hair clients to experience a bad color treatment.

I love that about Rose.  She has so much integrity and is so honest.  I know she will never mislead me about the best hair color for me.

6.  Works With My Schedule

Rose understands I work 7/24.  As a result of my crazy schedule, she always graciously offers to fit me in on her days off.

Often she will arrange for me to come in at her earliest morning appointment on off days at the salon.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate the special courtesy Rose extends to me.  She's always so flexible and helpful, Rose always makes me feel like a valued client.

Rose has been my professional hair colorist and hairstylist for nearly 18 years.  I just hope she never decides to retire.  I've promised her if that happens, I will shave my head and just wear wigs.  I doubt anyone can do my hair as fantastically as she has.

7.  Constantly Researches The Latest Products And Techniques

Long Blonde Hair Styled Into An Updo Long Blonde Hair Styled Into An Updo

Rose always has new information about the hair color business.  She has new techniques, new products, and new information.  Even though my former hair colorists had been using the same exact hair color for years, Rose figured out that a different formulation within the same line would do a much better job of lifting the color for me, and the results were spectacular.

She also recently applied a post-color conditioning treatment that made my hair feel like the finest silk.  I was amazed.

Unlike some hairdressers and hair color experts who don't take the time to educate themselves on the latest evolutions in products and hair color techniques, Rose is always on the bleeding edge.

8.  Creates Consistently Amazing Results

While appreciating all of the other reasons, the bottom line is being able to go to a hair colorist who gets results.  When I leave the salon after Rose has highlighted my hair, people actually turn around and stare at me.

The first few times it happened, I was concerned that I looked weird or something until the people stared at me, told me how gorgeous my hair was, and asked for the name of my hairdresser.  Now I expect the reactions and have Rose's phone number handy.

You probably think I'm exaggerating.  Nope.  I can honestly say that in all the times Rose has highlighted my hair, the results are spectacular.  I have the perfect hue of blonde highlights interwoven with hints of darker caramel-low lights from my natural base.  My hair is shiny, silky, and literally shimmers. I love it so much I want to literally twirl around to see the different colors.

Mid Length Brunette Hairstyle With Layers Mid Length Brunette Hairstyle With Layers

Would everyone love Rose as much as I do?  Probably not.  As Rose so wisely explained to me at one point, a great hairdresser attracts clients who have the same philosophy, lifestyle, and personality as they do.

Rose is not a celebrity hairdresser, nor would she want to be.  She's talented, hard-working, kind, has a bit of heart, and is a lovely person who cares deeply about her regular clients.  Rose works hard to make their hair look beautiful.

While you probably won't see limos parked outside of Rose's location waiting for celebrity clients, you will see gorgeous hair color, natural curls, and long locks floating by.

My hair and I are just grateful, after enduring a few years of horrible hairdressing and hair color experiences, that we found a home with Rose.

More Information

To contact Rose Zuniga, her number is 214-755-5628.  Rose books her own appointments.

Please tell her Karen Marie Shelton referred you since Rose prefers to work with referral clients.  Call as soon as you know a hair date you might like to book.

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