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Can You Ever Be Too Blonde?

Having been born a blonde and then watching with despair as my white blonde turned yellow and then bronde (used to be called dishwater blonde) in 6th grade, I can say no.

After resorting to years of Clairol Nice 'n Easy until my hair was completely over bleached, I can yes.

(Image of Celebrity Haircolorist Kim Vo on Shear Genius - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

If you talk to the magnificent West Coast Haircolor Guru Kim Vo, there is a blonde disease known as blondorexic.  Kim was a celebrity judge on the past two seasons of Shear Genius and in the last season preached about people who just pushed blonde over the edge of pretty into the world of too much.

My friend Joni Cohen who is a magnificent fashion editor and stylist living in New York City once told me if you get to the same blonde as Magda in the film Something About Mary, you've gone too far.

Every time I think about Joni's comment about Magda I laugh.  She had a great point.  Magda definitely was an over tanned blonde from Hell.

In the 1998 issue of Sophisticates Hairstyle Guide the same question about being too blonde was raised.  Sophisticates quoted Joico, makes of the fabulous VeroColor in their answer about blondeness.  The result?

(A transformed blondorexic from Shear Genius - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

Joico said that you can never go too blonde and if you're going to go light, you might as well go all the way until you've reached the ultimate white blonde shade of your dreams.  Joico did point out that if you're going to go white blonde it's important to make it look soft, not icy.  The key?  Build soft shine so that it appears to float through the layers.

In that same Sophisticates Magazine article Joico said going uber blonde should be accompanied by the right hair cut.  Many color experts agree you can go white blonde with a great cut that includes cropped layers to allow for that required shine.

While many people, especially lifelong blondes believe you can never be too blonde, there are some people who just can never get to a platinum ground zero.   Who are those people?

Haircolor expert Barbara Lhotan explained that people born with natural black tresses, like the Black Irish or similar, just can never get from black to platinum without major damage to the cuticles.

(A transformed blondorexic from Shear Genius - All Rights Reserved)

Even if they go super short with their style?  It's possible according to Barbara but is it really worth the damage?

Ultimately I think everyone has to made their own blonde choices.  Years ago I overcame my at-home bleaching and surrendered to the brilliant color skills of Dallas based Rose Zuniga.  Rose has studied color for years including working for a major color manufacturer and doing color work in Europe.

Rose helped me recover from my own blondorexia and settle into a luscious golden blonde hue which works great with my eye and skin tones and is age appropriate.  My current blonde highlights are close enough to my nature bronde (blonde + brunette = bronde) haircolor that there is never an obviously regrowth line.

What do you think?  Can you ever be too blonde?

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