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Best Actresses Angelina Jolie Penelope Cruz Go Blonde At Same Time

Did you know that Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of beauty is always portrayed as blonde?  Thus the connection with blonde and beautiful.

Angelina Jolie Platinum Blonde For Three Major Roles

Also, many movie stars at some point in their career go blonde for important roles that help to distance them for their stereotypes. A natural dark brunette Angelina Jolie wen platinum blonde for the film "Gone in 60 Seconds" which was released in 2000.

(Image of Angelina Jolie in Gone in 60 Seconds With Nicolas Cage - Touchtone Pictures - © 2000 - Touchstone Pictures / Jerry Bruckheimer, Inc. All Rights Reserve).

In 2002's film "Life or Something Like It" she played TV reporter Lanie Kerrigan and was also light blonde.  The film co-starred Ed Burns. Angelina has reportedly gone an ashy blonde for her new role in Salt for 2009.  While some believe Ang is wearing a blonde wig, others think she colored her hair.

Penelope Also Goes Platinum Blonde For Los Abrazos Rotos

Ebony black tressed Spanish actress Penelope Cruz donned a blonde wig for her role in the upcoming drama Los Abrazos Rotos. Director Pedro Almodovar has revealed that he did not want the actress' trademark dark and dishevelled hairstyle for the film.  Instead, he opted for a sleek platinum blonde wig - and even managed to convince Cruz to squeeze into a red latex minidress and fishnet tights to complete her dramatic metamorphosis.

"Before beginning the tests for my film I had already decided to avoid the dishevelled styles, inspired by Sophia Loran, which suit Penelope so well. After seeing the photo from Vicky Cristina Barcelona, I was even more convinced about my decision," Almodovar was quoted as saying.

Following Angie And Penelope To The Blonde Side?

If you've always dreamed of going blonde but are unsure if you would look good blonde or what key blonde shade to select consider the rules listed below for finding your ideal blonde shade.

Keep in mind that the hey components for creating a gorgeous blonde is considering the base or natural hair color from the viewpoint of whether it is naturally a blonde shade or not, your natural eye color and skin tone.

Although the rule of thumb is never to go more than two shades lighter or darker, with the help of a professional hair color expert it is often possible to go five or six shades lighter.

If Your Natural Hair Color is: Light Blonde

Your Eye Color is: Green or Blue

Your Skin Tone:   Pale

Your Ideal Blonde Hair Color is: Light Creamy

If Your Natural Hair Color is: Medium To Dark Blonde

Your Eye Color is: Blue or Green

Your Skin Tone i:   Pale To Medium

Your Ideal Blonde Hair Color is: Golds, Honey, Creamy Caramels

Note: Warm and flattering, golden blonde looks good on just about everyone.  Honey creates that sun kissed beach look.  Caramel is youthful and vibrant.

If Your Natural Hair Color is: Red

Your Eye Color is: Green or Brown

Your Skin Tone:  Warm to Pink

Your Ideal Blonde Hair Color is: Clear & Pale, Golden or Yellow

If Your Natural Hair Color is: LIght To Medium Brown

Your Eye Color is: Green or Brown, Blue or Hazel

Your Skin Tone:  Olive, Light Tan, Light

Your Ideal Blonde Hair Color is: Honey, Not Too Light, Subtle Caramels

Note: If you crave blonde but worry it may be too much if applied allover, focus carefully selecte blonde hues in an array of face frame highlights blended with darker lowlights to add that touch of blonde without a total committment.

To create rich dimension and movement ask your professional haircolorist to weave highlights and lowlights utilizing one color but different spectrum of that color.  For example you might ask for light, medium and dark caramels interwoven throughout.

If Your Natural Hair Color is: Black

Your Eye Color is: Green or Brown or Blue

Your Skin Tone:  Either Dark or Pale

Your Ideal Hair Color is:  White or Light Blondes May Not Be Your Ideal Color.  Unless carefully created, light or white blonde may loo brassy and/out of condition.

Note: Gwen Stefani is naturally very dark but often wears her hair platinum blonde.  Her hair requires constant conditioning and maintenance to prevent dryness, brittleness and brassiness.


Regardless of the reasons you want to go blonde, if you do your blonding homework, consult with a hair color pro (especially if this is your first time going blonde and you can afford to) you will find the best color for you and your tresses.

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