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Salons Joining Forces To Combat Challenging Economy

On Sunday afternoon my long time fabulous hair colorist, Rose Zuniga, went above and beyond her calling to help me get my tresses highlighted.

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Although I normally try to adhere to a schedule of every 3-4 months for highlighting touch-up visits, a number of complications such as my recent long bout with bronchitis, my crazy travel and work schedule, I was not able to arrange a normal time to visit Rose at her Dallas salon.

Of course Rose is in big demand and extremely busy with her many hair clients so trying to merge my schedule with her schedule was an exercise in frustration.

To my delight Rose volunteered to sneak me into her salon on a Sunday to save my hair from perpetual roots.

Imagine my surprise when I arrived to find other hairdressers bustling around Salon Le Coupe where Rose rents a hairstyling room.  Rose explained that on some Salon off days such as Sundays and Mondays stylists who normally don't work at the salon, sublease space from other stylists who do.

That way, the visiting stylists are available to handle more hair clients.   What a great idea.  Not to mention the convenience factors for salon clients. 

Today I noticed in one of my news feeds an article from Naples, Florida which discussed how two salons were coping with challenging economic times by joining forces.  The two salons, Top Performance Hair & Nails and Arthur Marten Hair Studio have decided to move in together to weather the storm.    While the two salons are not merging their business operations, they are sharing the same building.  Top Performance has moved into the Arthur Marten salon at 1201 Piper Blvd.    One salon operates in the front of the shared space the other in the back of the building.

The Summer months are traditionally slower for hair salons for a variety of reasons but it's been even slower due to the economy.   The two salons have reported that after one week of operation the transition seems to be moving along smoothly.

The two companies each employ six stylists, plus receptionists and all are still employed under the new setup.  As a result of the merger, no one lost their jobs.    Plus the rent and expenses can all be split now which really helps the overhead.

Would this work for all hair salons?  Probably not.  It would have to be examined on a case by case basis.  However, it definitely is something to think about for salons struggling in the current recession.

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