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Robin Givens Says Hitting A Woman Is Unacceptable

The ongoing alleged domestic violence saga between Chris Brown and Rihanna continues to rage on the media.

The very lovely Robin Givens appeared on Oprah Winfrey's show which was dedicated to domestic violence.  Oprah had two men on stage who discussed beating their wives and women and what they believed caused them to become violent.

(Image of Robin Givens -39th Annual NAACP Image Awards Arrivals - 02-14-08 - - All Rights Reserved).

Actress Robin Givens went through the same thing many years ago when she spoke out about the spousal abuse she says she experienced during her short lived marriage to former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson.  Robin has committed to helping others deal with domestic abuse and is now a spokesperson for the National Domestic Violence Hotline (1-800-799SAFE (7233).

Note: No charges were ever filed against Mike Tyson with regard to Robin Givens.

She Skyped into Oprah's show from her home in Florida to talk about the often-deadly cycle of abuse that plagues so many women.  Oprah first showed a clip of Robin and Michael being interviewed by Barbara Walters about the reported abuse Robin had suffered at the hands of Michael.

Robin told Oprah, after she showed the clip of Robin on Barbara Walters "we couldn't even believe those words were coming of your mouth at the time."  Robin, who looked poised and gorgeous said "yeah its so interesting because I think for me I've sorta healed enough to be able to watch it myself."

The actress reported that during the interview with Barbara "I was so numb sitting there.  We had just gotten off a plane the night before when Michael told me he was going to kill me."

Men Must Come On-Board To Help Solve This Issue

Robin was very passionate about her feelings on this topic and said, in response to the men Oprah had interviewed prior to her appearance, "it takes so much (for men) to come forward and sort out what they are feeling." She told Oprah in no uncertain terms, "its going to take men to come on-board to help solve this issue (of domestic violence) that we have in the community." She said "its a frightening issue."

Robin pointed out to Oprah that her own "young son is watching P.Diddy and Usher" and they are his heros.  Robin believes that P.Diddy and Usher are "very much role models" and she felt it would mean a lot to her and other women in the situation for "men to get appalled."

Hitting A Woman Is Unacceptable

Even more importantly, she stressed that we draw the line in the sand.  She feels it doesn't matter what a woman is doing, reading her man's Blackberry or getting in his face "hitting a woman is unacceptable."  Robin repeated this three times and with great intensity.

When You Hit, You Hit Again

Robin pointed out to Oprah that having the photos of Rihanna were so important for making people aware of what had happened.  She also stressed the point Oprah herself was making "when you are hit, you are hit again." She also noted that "women die" as a result of physical abuse.

The actress point out "I do believe that you have to look at where the hurt came from.  And it is a cycle.  Chris Brown watched his mother being hit.  We have to deal with our hurt and pain and get as healed and whole as we can before we can have healthy relationships with other people."  Oprah agreed "well said".

Bottom line?  Robin believes that men need to step up and get involved and that everyone needs to agree, no matter what, "hitting a woman is unacceptable."

For more information contact: National Domestic Violence Hotline (1-800-799SAFE (7233).  Please follow me on Twitter at

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