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Nicolette Sheridan May Return To Desperate Housewives

The Desperate Housewife guys, James Denton, Doug Savant and Kyle MacLachlan were the special guests on The View on March 12th.

(Image of L-R, James Denton, Doug Savant, Kyle MacLachlan - Desperate Housewives - - All Rights Reserved).

Real Story Of Nicolette Sheridan Leavning The Show

When the guys were asked the "real" story of why Nicolette Sheridan was leaving the show, they all agreed that while they didn't know the "real reason" it appeared to be mutual and that everyone held Nicolette in the highest regard.

The guys also pointed out that because the show has jumped ahead five years in time, anything is possible with the show, including flashbacks that might include Nicolette and her character. 

The guys seemed to think that the viewers and fans might actually see Nicolette again sometime on Desperate Housewives and it is always a possibility that she might return.  Even if she's dead, like Mary Alice, there is always the option to bring her back from the past.  And the guys seemed to think the door would remain open and Nicolette was leaving on great terms.  They said she is happy about leavining and has a lot of things she wants to do.

Will Lynette And Tom Make It?

When asked if Lynette (Felicity Huffman and her husband Tom (Doug Savant) are going to "make it" as a couple, Doug said he believes that of all the couples, they have the best chance of staying together and he believes that they will.  Regardless of their ups and downs including the episode from last week when the two of them compete for a job resulting in neither getting the job in the end.

There was also a discussion about whether the three guys were friends in real life and after a moment of silence they said they did some "socializing" off the set and that they all got along well.  Kyle MacLachlan who was the last to join the men on the cast said that James Denton and Doug Savant both welcomed him when he came aboard.

Do Any Of The Men Get Killed Off?

Whoopi asked if any of them worried about their characters getting killed off and Kyle said that he does worry because his character on the show has worn so many faces from bad to good.  Now his character who was in jail is being more difficult and has started stealing, which his wife Bree (Marcia Cross) recently discovered.  Will he be killed off the show?  Kyle really didn't answer nor did he seem to know.

Kyle MacLachlan Just Turned 50

Barbara mentioned the fact that Kyle MacLachlan recently turned 50 and he didn't have any gray hair.  Kyle said "its the magic of TV" why he doesn't have any gray hair.  Kyle had a big party to celebrate turning 50 with a photo booth and he showed off a photo of his wife and son.  He also pointed out to stay fit "I've got to keep going to the gym."

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