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Felicity Huffman Very Sad Nicollette Sheridan Is Leaving Show

Felicity Huffman of Desperate Housewives was on Ellen and she looked stunning in a white halter style dress as she bounced out onto the stage.  She was very slim and trim with her hair cut into a medium sassy bob with a shiny side-swept fringe and a slight flip along the back.  She looked so adorable but also sexy, sassy and just saucy.

Ellen greeted her as she sat down by saying "you look beautiful".  The audience was woof whistling and applauding madly.  They were obviously so happy to see her.

Ellen said "I haven't seen you for awhile"  Felicity said "I haven't been here in awhile".  Ellen said "I don't know why, you look fantastic, you look fabulous"  Felicity said "thank you so much". 

Ellen said "the show's still going strong and doing well?"  Felicity said "the show's fantastic, we're shooting our fifth year, it goes by so fast and I'm so happy to be doing it and I love having a job and...  Ellen agreed and said "it's nice"  Felicity agreed "its nice and especially nowadays."  She continued "so I'm very happy.

Ellen said "yeah and now Nicollette, I just found out about this, I'm always a little bit behind but as I said, I just started Twittering, do you Twitter?"  and Felicity laughed and said "only in the shower" Ellen said "well I'm going to start twittering in the show too.  I'll twitter there too if that's what you do. So Nicollette (Sheridan) is leaving the show?

Felicity said "she is, we, I shot my last scene with her yesterday."  Ellen asked "was that sad, was that hard?" Felicity said "it was really sad.  She's an amazing women and a great girl and I'm going to miss her and I think the show's going to miss Edie (Brit).  Oh and there she is."  The show flashed a photo of Felicity and Nicollette together.

Ironically the men of Desperate Housewives were on The View this morning and they also talked about Nicollette Sheridan (Edie Brit) and said the way the show is written there could be the possibility that she might come back some day from a past episode.  It is obvious the cast is going to miss her.

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