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Ellen Wants 1 Million Twitter Followers

Of course you all know I adore Ellen.  Today I am locked up in an off-site location so I can get caught up with some of my blogging.  When I go to the office it is a futile mission to try and blog.  I am constantly interrupted and then I just give up trying to do consistent blogging.  Because I am off site today I can watch Ellen live.  YEAH!

Ellen was giving her daily monologue and started to talk about Twitter.

Ellen said "so I was on the phone with Martha Stewart yesterday andat one point she said to me - Ellen, Ludicrious was just here at the house for lunch yesterday and what do you say to that? Ludicrious was just at lunch with Martha Stewart so I say well I'm going to have coffee with DJ Jazzy Jeff so, I wasn't, I just wanted to keep up with Martha Stewart.

But the point I'm bringing up is that Martha Stewart says to me "I was twittering about you" because I had just sent her flowers about something and she said "I was just twittering about you" and it was weird because I just heard the word Twitter the day before because on the show from Diddy, Puffy, Daddy, Sean Diddy Combs, Puffy Daddy, Sean Combs.  He was on the show and he was talking about Twittering.

So I was just learning about it and uh, she asked her audience. Do you know about Twittering? Am I going to help you? Oh. It was new to me when Diddy Daddy Puffy Sean uh Puffy Daddy talked about it.  And then Martha Stewart talked about it and I thought if Martha Stewart was Twittering...Twittering...did I say that right than I should Twitter as well.

Ellen explained Twitter to her audience.  She said "you Tweet a message on twitter.  And someone else tweets back so you tweet each other and my hope is that we tweet each other nicely.  So obviously this originally from birds because birds don't have access to computers clearly and they don't have tiny laptops because they don't have laps and they don't have desktops because they don't have desks they have tiny tiny little nesttops, is what they have."

Anyway, here's the thing, once you sign up with Twitter you have Followers, thats the difference because Facebook has Friends but with Twitter you have Followers and that's the kind of relationship I'm looking for. I have plenty of friends.  I'm looking for Followers.  Or just "yes" men.  I just also want people when I lay down to fan me and feed me grapes.

Ellen said "anyway, I decided to try and Twitter.  And so we started yesterday morning, literally just found out how to do it, twittering, tweeting on Twitter and we had nine followers which started yesterday morning.  As of right now as I'm speaking we have 36,000 followers. Over 36,000 followers, so oh yes. That's a lot.  I've never had so many people look at my Tweets before. And I I assume when I get to 1 million I get my own robe and we live in a forest somewhere.

Ellen said "my goal is to get 1 million (Twitter) followers by tomorrow.  Who's with me?  Who will be my followers?  Yeah.  And where will we go?"  I don't know.  But if you do want to be one of my followers and I sent out a Tweet out."

After talking about Twitter Ellen said....."now follow me in this dance."

So if you want to help Ellen go to  And don't forget to follow on Twitter at

After she finished dancing Ellen said to her DJ Tony, "Tony are you Twittering yet?"  Tony said no.  Then Ellen showed a photo of Tony that he supposedly put on Twitter wearing a bikini which was made up of the top of a Tuxedo.  Or something similar.

That Ellen.  She's hilarious and now she's on Twitter too.  Help the funnylady out by helping her sign up 1 million Followers by tomorrow.  Can it be done?  If anyone can, it's Ellen Degeners.

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