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Marlee Matlin's Hair On Celebrity Apprentice Finals

Marlee Matlin and John Rich are the final two in NBC's Celebrity Apprentice.  After Marlee's interview with previous Celebrity Apprentice winners Piers Morgan, Joan Rivers and Bret Michaels, the actress came out on top.  Although she has raised a tremendous amount of money and managed to stay on good terms with both Star Jones and NeNe Leakes, her best advantage was her amazing hair.

Even Bret Michaels who appeared for the interviews with what looked to me new growth after a shaved head mentioned that Marlee is very kind on the eyes.  Indeed, she looked polished and beautiful throughout every episode with her hair perfectly coiffed.

Marlee appeared on Ellen's show today (5/16/11) with her sign language interpreter.  Although she didn't mention her gorgeous honey blonde sleek hair, she did talk about the final 7Up-themed showdown and her opinion that she will be the victor of the final contest.

Marlee has changed up her hair throughout the show but generally wears it with a side part and either a long or medium length side-swept fringe which perfectly frames her gorgeous face.  Sometimes she wears her shoulder length hair bone straight and at other times, like on Ellen she wore it with soft curls and waves throughout the ends.

Ellen told Marlee congratulations and that she really saw Marlee ending up in the finals.  Marlee signed "but did you make a bet in Las Vegas?"  Ellen replied "no, I should have but I thought it might be you and John Rich."

Marlee thanked Ellen and she also thanked her Twitter followers and fans because she noted they kept telling her it was going to be her and John Rich in the finals. She said "wow, I thought these guys (Twitter followers) were really good guessers so I felt good about it."

Although Ellen congratulated Marlee on keep her cool because of her "crazy team" the actress confessed "well I lost my cool in the hotel room.  Not on the set.  Afterwards."  Then Marlee demonstrated by pretending to scream.

Keep Your Cool, Play The Game, It's All For Charity At The End Of The Day

Marlee explained she went to the contest not knowing any of the people where were there, only who was supposed to be there.  And you only know where will be there "the night before."  She said she was "ready to go for it" and when she saw the cast she was like "oh oh, oh no, OK, maybe, yes, what".  She admitted she had different reactions to the different people but once the game started "you get to learn about every person pretty quick and how they play their game" or "at least you figure out most of them and I knew and said to myself 'keep your cool, play the game and it's all for charity at the end of the day.'"

Marlee said "it's nothing personal, it's all personal."  Ellen pointed out that Marlee had raised one million dollars in one day for charity and Marlee said she was amazed at being able to raise that kind of money.

She also signed "I'm more thrilled, not because I raised the million dollars, but because for the charity we could give to those deaf kids all over the world free hearing aids.  I mean, Starkey does, they also raise money to sponsor missions around the world, there's around twenty of them, in developing countries to give out hearing aids to deaf kids who can't afford them."

The actress confirmed that she and her husband recently went to Africa and it was "the most rewarding experience I've ever had in my life."  Marlee said it was "amazing and the smiles and the eyes that opened up when they hear for the first time.  It worked for most of the kids.  Sometimes it doesn't work, not always, but that's OK.  As long as they have the opportunity.  Some didn't want it.  That's fine.  We need to give them the option to be able to hear if they want to."

Ellen pointed out all of Ellen's accomplishments including winning an Academy Award.  Marlee said "it's funny because people are under the assumption that a person who has a hearing loss" like her lives a limited life and she sets out every day to prove people with preconceived notions that they are wrong about her.  She leads an amazingly full and successful life.

She said "Every day I wake up and I think what can I do to get my message across loud and clear that I'm able to do anything except hear."

Dancing With The Stars

Marlee was on Dancing With The Stars.  Ellen seemed amazed that Marlee could dance without hearing music.  When asked if there was any similarity between being on Dancing With The Stars and The Celebrity Apprentice Marlee said that on both shows you "lose weight."  She noted that on Celebrity Apprentice you work 18 hour days and you never have time to eat.  She said if you want to lose weight you can go on the Celebrity Apprentice diet.

Marlee was very funny and was complimentary about Star.  She said she put on her game face and at the end of the day she just wanted to win money for her charity.  She said Celebrity Apprentice was a "lot like high school and she's over it."

When Ellen asked who would win Celebrity Apprentice Marlee said she was going to win.  Stay tuned to see.  The finale is next Sunday, May 22nd.

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