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Ellen Degeneres Twitters

Yes, we already know that Ashton and Demi do it, so does Sean Combs as well as a host of other famous people and celebrities.  President Obama did it during his campaign and The Woz has an army of people Twittering to help him drum up votes for Dancing With The Stars.  The "most hated bachelor in America" is on Twitter.  Yes, Jason Mesnick is on Twitter and he did some live tweeting right before the final show.

Jason does not answer tweets very much.  Nor does Demi, Ashton on Sean Combs.  Some of the other celebs on Twitter are more generous providing tweet to their tweeple or Followers.

Ellen Degeneres announced today she was twittering.  Will she be answering her tweets?  It may be too soon too tell but knowing Ellen she probably will.  She seems to genuinely care for her fans (hey Ellen, I've been watching you since the very first show and long before that).

I for one am thrilled she is on Twitter.  Not only does it elevate the profile of this mini blogging tool that I used every day, it makes it much more visible to people who don't normally consider Twitter an option for their use.

If you want to visit or follow Ellen on Twitter go to  If you want to visit me or follow me go to"

Hopefully Ellen will embrace Twitter with a vengence like she has done with Facebook and her other Social Networking tools.  I have already volunteered to do live twittering for her show if she need a audience twitterer.  Hopefully she will hit her Million Followers which would be really great.

Stay tuned.  Knowing Ellen she will blow Twitter right out of the closet for all of the world to tweet about.

Go Ellen!

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