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Melissa Calls Bachelor Bastard

After Jason told Molly during After The Final Rose that in essence he was dumping her because he still had feelings for Molly she called him a "Bastard".  It was not cut by The Bachelor producers.

She also told Jason never to contact her again, not to call or to text.  She made it clear she was completely finished with him and very angry.  Jason walked Melissa to the end of the stage but not out to her waiting limo.  According to Jason on Twitter, the producers would not let him walk her out to the limo.

Melissa, who looked absolutely gorgeous was interviewed in the limo after it pulled away from the studios.  She was crying and seemed shellshocked.  It was no surprise she called Jason a "bastard".  Its surprising she didn't call him other names but she is very polite and sweet and it would have been a shock.

Melissa said "it's just an awful feeling to give your heart to someone you trust and they just throw it away."  Fighting through tears the lovely Bachelorette from Texas said "he didn't want to fight for our relationship, he didn't want to try."  She said he said instead he wanted to go and explore his feelings with Molly.  Sniffling she said "what girls wants to hear that?"   She pointed out "nobody wants to hear I'm not going to try."

Explaining herself further she said "I'm not angry, I'm hurt".  She said "I put up that wall of pretending how angry I am so he can't see how much he really hurt me."  Melissa said "short term I gave him everything" and "I was dropped on my butt."

Pointing out "it's hard to see the silver lining when you are in this situation" she explained that she hopes to learn and grow from this experience and not to play the "pity card".

The lovely lady from Dallas, Texas said when asked what she was going to do next "I'm going to go home and live my life."

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