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Melissa Rycroft Spills Bachelor Scoops On Her Birthday

Yesterday (Friday, March 12th) former Bachelorette and newlywed Melissa Rycroft was a guest on Ellen Degeneres.

(Image of Melissa Rycroft and her partner Tony Donolovi - ABC's Dancing With The Stars - Season 8 - All Rights Reserved)

Melissa, who also finished in the top three in Season Eight of "Dancing With The Stars" looked cute in a short skirt and a pink strapless satin top.  Her shiny brunette hair was gorgeous and coiffed into her trademark long lush waves.

Melissa was on Ellen's show on her birthday and to promote her new 20/20 Special "Inside The Bachelor: The Stories Behind The Rose"

When asked about her birthday Melissa said she's 27 and got married "three months ago.  And still married too."

Ellen said "what a difference a year makes.  Huh?"  Melissa "it was exactly a year and a week ago that I was on your set the first time right after "The Final Rose" that everybody saw.  So yeah, it's been an amazing year."

Ellen "your husbands name is "Tye" and he was someone you were dating before you went on "The Bachelor"?"

Melissa "we dated two years before and just couldn't get him to commit.  So it broke my heart.  Went on the show, got my heart broken again.  And you know, found love and a happy ending."

Ellen "see how that all works out?  It took him to lose you to realize..."  Melissa "well we kinda.  I'm not sure if this is politically correct to say this.  We look at the whole "Bachelor" fiasco, if you will, as something necessary to make our love story work.  Soooo."

Ellen "yes"  Melissa "it was a good thing."  Ellen "yes, it was a good thing."

Melissa "it all worked out."  Ellen "it all worked out for everybody.  Because Jason just got married.  Now did you watch that wedding?"  Melissa "I didn't"  Ellen "I heard you were invited to that."  Melissa "yeah, no I didn't get the invitation in the mail.  I got the invitation from the producer.  So."

Ellen "so you didn't want to go to the wedding."  Melissa "well it's kind of inappropriate, yeah.  For my relationship with Molly.  No, I didn't.  I didn't want to be disrespectful to her and go.  So, I wish them well.  I know they're happy and I'm happy so that's all I want for them too."

Ellen "and did you watch "The Bachelor" this time around with Jake?"  Melissa "I did.  How could you not?"  Ellen "cause you know the inside stuff."  Melissa "I do."  Ellen "did you believe all the stuff with Vienna?"

Melissa "you know I watch with such a tainted point of view.  Because I sit there and point out 'I know what just happened before that and I know someone just told them to do this.  So I kinda watch it as sort of an insider now.  So I watch it differently.  And I, because of that, I've learned you don't make judgments about the people and the way that they edit them.  Because they're (the show's producers) are going to edit someone they way they can to make people watch the show."

Ellen "that's a good thing.  I wish everyone could learn that because things like that, that aren't live or even articles in can't really.  Because they can just pick and choose and take things out of context to make you look one way when you're actually a different person.  And that's what this 20/20 Special's about.  It's about the inside.  Is "The Bachelor" happy you're doing this?"

Melissa "they helped.  Yeah, they did."  Ellen "so you're exposing the editing process and all of that?"  Melissa "uh huh."

Ellen "but not in a bad way."  Melissa "it's a...yeah...I don't want to talk bad about the franchise.  And I never have because I wouldn't be here if it weren't for that.  You know.  But I'm also kinda vocal in that do I agree 100% with the way they do things?  No, and they know that. And you know we got a chance to talk with the executive producer, a lot of the producers, the creators, past cast mates and you know, you just kinda get to go behind the scenes and see why people are cast and what really goes on when the cameras aren't there.  So.  Cause that's pretty much the #1 question I get 'what really goes on' on "The Bachelor"

Ellen "well that's a whole different show than "The Bachelor".  Melissa "so it's exciting to go on TV and tell my side of the story for once."

Ellen gave Melissa a toaster for a wedding gift.

Watch The 20/20 Special "Inside The Bachelor: The Stories Behind The Rose" it's broadcast on Monday night, March 15th on ABC.  Check your local listings for times.

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