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Meredith Viera Confesses Bachelor Addiction

Meredith Viera stopped by to visit Ellen on her show today (Monday, February 23, 2009).

Meredith Gets Up At 2:30 AM

Ellen and Meredith chatted about what time the Today Show hostess gets up in the morning.  Meredith said "I get up at 2:30 in the morning."

Ellen said "no no you don't"  Meredith said "oh come on.  Why?  Meredith said "because a lot of our work comes in when we're asleep.  So I get up immediately check the Blackberry to see how many emails I have. There could be anywhere from 10-25 emails (from her producers).  A lot of stuff changes overnight.

The Bachelor Is A Guilty Pleasure

Ellen discussed the fact "this really is a guilty pleasure I talk about it and I feel like a fool because I like to think I'm smart and I watch these shows sometimes that I talk about and I think sometimes you're looking at me like - you can't be serious, but you watch this show as well don't you?"

Ellen turned to Meredith and said "we're talking about The Bachelor."

Meredith said "yes I do and I'm embarrassed."  She continued "you know, because I'm like you, I would never admit that"...

She said "I have this wonderful friend and she's an author and Priscilla is her name.  And she wrote this book called The Faith Club with two other women and she's very intellectual.  And she (Priscella) was on the road and she was calling me" and I asked her what she was doing and she said "in a very quiet voice to say I just watched The Bachelor and I loved it."

My Name Is Meredith - I Watch The Bachelor

When her friend confessed she loved the show Meredith said "and that allowed me the opportunity to say I watch The Bachelor too?  It's like "my name is Meredith Viera and I watch The Bachelor" like at an AA meeting. And then I felt so guilty about it."  She said The Bachelor "isn't his name Jason?" Ellen said yes "Mesnick."

She confessed "first I thought I was watching because he has a little boy so. And I thought if he didn't have a little boy I wouldn't watch,  but then I thought that's not why I watch it (the little boy).  I watch it because he had his shirt off and I liked it.  So then I stopped watching all together.  Then last week I found myself, it's like an addiction"

Ellen said "and Jillian got kicked off" and Meredith said "yes, the Canadian, what's that about?" Then she questioned "and (what about) the one (the candidate) on the show who won't introduce him to her parents because she says they're not into this?  There is, something weird (going on).  Something is going to come out."

The Most Dramatic Rose Ceremony Ever

The funny lady said "oh I know."  She explained to Meredith "well it's the most dramatic Rose Ceremony ever, they say".  Meredith said "really" and Ellen said "yeah".

Meredith replied "well something is up. I heard the one who dumped him the first time is having second thoughts?" Ellen asked "DeAnna?" Ellen said "she (DeAnna) comes back next week."

The Today Show hostess claimed "oh you know more than I do.  I turned it off." Ellen retorted "oh, you're not a true fan".  Meredith laughed "I'm trying to deal with my issues."

Ellen Doesn't Watch Because Jason's Shirt Is Off

The funny lady protested "not me, I embrace it."  Ellen chuckled "I'm not watching because the shirt (Jason's) is off!.  I don't know why I'm watching.....I have no idea. I have nooo idea why I'm watching...why do I care?"

The Today Show star said "I know".  Ellen replied "I get so invested and I care." Meredith questioned Ellen "did you see them when they get in the hot club?  It's sleazy, but then you can't stop (watching)!"

They Ply You With Liquor

Ellen reported "I know, when Jillian was here, last week and I said, did you know there's a camera watching you make out with this guy?"  The comedian said "and it's because they ply them with liquor, so much alcohol." Meredith asked "is that true?"

Ellen confirmed "yes, they drink from morning until night, you can't be a sober person and be on that show."  Meredith cracked "that's (the drinking) very similar to The Today Show."

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