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My Secret Addiction - The Bachelorette

DeeAnnaPappasYeah, I know it's definitely dorky of me, but when its comes to Reality TV, I usually watch specific shows to check out the hairstyles, fashions and overall beauty trends. The Hills is an important reality TV show to plug into.

Even the Editor In Chief (EIC) of US Magazine commented on the fashion trend significance of the Hills character.

Why? Not only are the four female stars considered to be style and trend setting icons (whether you like it or not), they speak for their generation.

I would love to be able to have the time to watch several other reality shows but my schedule just doesn't really me afford me the luxury of watching Dancing With The Stars, Survivor or American Idol.

With those shows, I lurk on the fringe to try and figure out any hair, fashion or beauty trends of note. All of the shows do have hair news that should be covered and I do my best.

With the Bachelor and The Bachelorette it's pure entertainment. Do I believe that the couples will live happily ever after? Nah. Not really. But it's a great fantasy. After all, TV is still supposed to entertain and the Bachelor franchise is definitely light viewing fare.

It should be noted that the ONLY successful coupling out of all the Bachelor shows was Trista and Ryan when Trista was the first Bachelorette.

DeAnna Pappas, like the three other bachelorettes, was dumped by the previous Bachelor. In DeAnna's case it really was "the most dramatic final rose ceremony ever". Not only did Bachelor Brad send DeAnna home, he sent both of the final two bachelorettes home.

Will DeAnna find true love on the Fourth Season of The Bachelorette? Maybe or maybe not. At least, in my humble opinion, she's off to a great start. In the first episode she eliminated all of the guys that I would have eliminated. And she kept all the hotties, except for one or two. She seems like a very sincere person who really wants to find her true love. Not to mention she is a gorgeous girls with fabulous hair.

Of course I will also be watching to check out DeAnna's hairstyles over the course of the show.

What may or may not be well-known is the fact that all of the bachelorettes basically do their own hair until they reach the finals. After the finals, a hairdresser is on-hand to create stunning coifs for the various at-home visits and for the final rose ceremony. For the four Bachelorettes, hair, make-up and fashion stylists are onhand throughout the entire course of the show to help the Bachelorette look stunning.

There should be no argument about the four bachelorettes, they all rocked some stunning hairstyles, gowns and looks throughout their various shows. I know that DeAnna Pappas will be no different. If watching the shows to critique styles requires me to pay attention to her search for the "love of her life" then so be it. I for one am willing to sacrifice my time for a good hair cause.

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