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Jennifer Aniston Was John Mayer First

Jennifer Aniston was escorted down the Red Carpet at the 2009 Academy Awards by her current love interest John Mayer.  Besides escorting Jen through the paparazzi packed Red Carpet and various hallways, the went to the After Parties together.

While this information may not sound like hot news, it is from the viewpoint that John told Gayle King on a clip played on Oprah's After Oscar Show that Jen was the first person he ever went down a Red Carpet with.

(Image of Jennifer Aniston - 2009 Oscar Awards - - all rights reserved).

This is quite a claim since John Mayer has attended scores of award shows and walked many carpets in his career as an award winning singer.

Gayle greeted the couple behind stage and asked John if he had "told her (Jen) about us John?"

He said "uh I usually don't go into those types of stories." Jen laughed and said "go ahead and tell" and placed her hand on Gayle's shoulder as if to say it was OK to spill the beans to her.

(Image of Gayle King attends 81st Annual Academy Awards® at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, CA Sunday, February 22, 2009 airing live on the ABC Television Network Bryan Crowe / ©A.M.P.A.S.)

John said "I have a lock solid lock on my Blackberry" Jen said to John, "go ahead and tell me, I want to hear." The couple were standing very close together and appeared to be very playful.  Jen also appeared to be nestling her head in near John's chest.

The award winning singer said to Gayle "you and I are both nutmeggers," Gayle said "yes" John said "we are from Connecticut." Gayle said "yes".

Gayle told Jen "we were at an event once and he said you know I grew up watching you." She continued "it's always good when someone says you know I grew up watching you because I cover(ed) the news."

Jen teased and said "he told me that too (he grew up watching her)" and Gayle said somewhat amazed "did he tell you that too?"  Jen laughed and shook her head and John laughed very heartily. The couple turned as if they were getting ready to leave.

(Image of Gayle King attends 81st Annual Academy Awards® at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, CA Sunday, February 22, 2009 airing live on the ABC Television Network Bryan Crowe / ©A.M.P.A.S.)

There was a break in the tape and then it picked up again and Gayle said to the new golden couple "can I say its good to see the two of you together out publicly?  Is that OK to say?"

John said very emphatically "sure" and Jen chimed in with a strong "yeah."  John then said "it's the first time I ever walked a Red Carpet with somebody." Jen nodded her head as to say, isn't that cool?

Gayle said "I think that's great. Are you both happy?"  Jen said "very happy" as she touched her hand to her heart and then brushed a strand of hair off her shoulder.  "Very happy" she repeated and gave Gayle a big smile.

Gayle said "I'm happy, you know I'm happy for you" Jen said "thank you I know you are."  John said "thank you."

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