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Mickey Rourke Praises Eric Roberts At 2009 Spirit Awards

By far Mickey Rourke who won Best Male Lead at the 2009 Independent Spirit Awards was the most colorful recipient of an award.  He was overjoyed, emotional and had many poignant things to say including dropping lots of F Bombs.

(Image of Eric Roberts and Mickey Rourke - © 2008-2009 Film Independent - All rights reserved)

Besides forgetting Marissa Tomei's name and who he should thank, he made a point of talking about Eric Roberts.

Eric actually introduced a clip of The Wrestler before the Best Male Lead was announced.  It was a little odd to see Eric announce The Wrestler but it was interesting no less.

After Mickey's name was announced he made his way to the stage and started by saying "thank you all very much."

He laughed heartily and said "Eric Roberts. I just want to say one thing about Eric Roberts.  Eric Roberts is probably the best actor I have every worked with I don't know why in the last 15 years (cameras flashed on Eric) ain't nobody give him a chance to show his shit again.  Because whatever he did 15-20 years ago should be forgiven. No...I am goddam serious about that."

(Image of Eric Roberts - In Defense of Animals Benefit Concert - 02-17-07 - - All Rights Reserved).

He continued with conviction "Eric Roberts is the fucking man.  And he deserves like I have, like I got, he deserves a 2nd chance.  And I wish there would be one goddam film maker in this room that would let him fly.  Because the man, he is something else.  Thank you Eric."

Eric screamed from the crowd - "accept your award." Mickey laughed and said "Eric will probably be arrested by the end of the day but." Then he laughed.

Wow.  Can you believe Mickey Rourke took the time to throw praise at Eric Roberts?   What does that say?

(Image of Eric Roberts and wife - 2007 World Magic Awards - 10-13-07 - - All Rights Reserved).

It speaks volumes that Mickey wants to give back to others since he was so fortunate to have the opportunity to make the Wrestler after his career appeared completely washed up.

Kudos to Mickey for winning the 2009 Independent Spirit Award for The Wrestler and for his generosity of spirit.

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