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Mickey Rourke Hair - Golden Globes

Mickey Rourke has had a difficult life filled with ongoing controversy.  Some of the latest questions surrounding the recent Golden Globe winner involves his personal appearance.  Specifically his hair.  One of the current questions is whether or not he's had major plastic surgery?  What about  hair transplants?

(Image of Mickey Rourke Arriving at 2009 Golden Globe Awards).

Dr. Tony Youn - a plastic surgeon from Michigan believes Mickey probably had a "hair transplant." Dr. Youn, who has not personally treated Mickey, suggests in his blog that the star had some sort of hair work done "between 2005 and 2008".

Dr. Youn points out Mickey's "sideburns (previously gone)  have re-appeared and his hairline has been moved forward".  He also notes the "wispy hair of his new hairline is not as thick as in Mickey's younger photos."  Dr. Youn says  "this is how hair transplanted in micro grafts (one to two hairs at a time) often appears."

The doctor notes "this is in contrast to old-fashioned hair plugs, which make the hair look like a toy doll's patchy hair."  I personally agree with Dr. Youn about Mickey's hair.

Based on the way his hair was coiffed at the recent Golden Globes award I believe Mickey may be supplementing his hair with a lace front wig, pieced in hair extensions or a combination of both.

Many aging male performers have gone with high priced hand-made lace front wigs.  Lace fronts provide a more natural hairline and head of hair than some types of hair transplants or hair systems.

Mickey had lots of white streaks in his hair at the Golden Globes.  I believe the streaks may have been hair extension strands added on to either his natural strands or from a hair transplant or attached as part of a wig system.

Will we ever know for sure? Maybe, but its not likely.  I've talked to many celebrity hairdressers over the years who have worked on some of the biggest names in the industry.  They almost always request total confidentiality regarding their clients who wear wigs, hair extensions or other related systems.

Afterall, the business of show business is to sell illusions. As long as an actor or actress looks good - or thinks they look good for the fans - why unveil the secrets which create those illusions?

Consider the hard life Mickey has endured.  Who really cares if he's had hair transplants, plugs, injections, lace front wigs, hair extensions or other hair systems?  If he feels good about how he looks, than good for him.

Did he forget to wash his hair for The Globes?  Some fashionistas have claimed he did.

Whether Mickey washed his hair or not, I believe his goal was to create a grunge or a slicked back look. Which is why he wore such a brightly colored array of white and colored add-on pieces?

Mickey apparently was going for a total look which included his hair. The fact he received criticism suggests his plan to create an overall look worked fabulously for him.

Congratulations to Mickey for his acting comeback with The Wrestler.  The man deserves all the kudos he can get.  He's worked hard and suffered through a lot of life's challenges.  Yet he still comes out on top.

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