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Mickey Rourke Says Brad Pitt Not Just A Pretty Face At 2009 SAG Awards

Mickey Rourke cleans up nicely.  After his controversial look at the recent 2009 Golden Globe Awards, which he won for Best Actor, Mickey turned up his Red Carpet hair and fashion looks a notch.

Mickey was interviewed on the 2009 SAG Award Red Carpet by E!  Before he could get to the area where he was going to be interviewed by E! he ran into actor Brad Pitt who had just finished chatting.  Mickey and Brad hugged each other warmly and shook hands and had a brief laught together.

It was obvious from their interaction that Mickey and Brad have a mutual respect and fondness for each other.  This is ironic because they were competing with each other and Mickey actually bet Brad for the Golden Globe Award.

The actor who was nominated for the 2009 SAG for his role in The Wrestler was told Brad had said very nice things about him just a few minutes before.

Mickey returned the compliment and said he has always admired Brad.  Mickey said some of Brads films were so great and he personally thought he was really good in "Legends Of The Fall".  Mickey said as an actor Brad is always "very consistent" and always goes beyond his handsome face.

The Wrestler star said its tough for Brad because he is "such a handsome guy" and so "good looking" he has to work hard to get beyond that.  But Mickey said Brad does get past his pretty face and is a very good actor.

Although both Brad and Mickey lost in their 2009 SAG category to Sean Penn for Milk it was obvious that the two actors had lots of mutual respect and admiration.  Based on other comments it appears that they also both admired Sean Penn's work.

While talking with E! and apparently Access Hollywood Mickey revealed that he was very grateful to all the guys in the world of wrestling who the movie was about.  He specifically mentioned Rick Flair and told E! he was going to go back and do Wrestlemania to show his appreciation to the guys in Wrestling who had helped him get the movie made.

While he was being interviewed about his role E! called him The Comeback Kid.  Mickey was very charming, polite, humble and even funny.  He made a point of talking about his agent Dave Unger and how he had helped to change his life.

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