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Curly Girl Julianna Margulies Returns To ER

Unlike some naturally curly celebrities such as Geena Davis and Nicole Kidman who had squashed their curls and exchanged them for bone-bone straight tresses, Julianna Margulies has remained committed to her natural curls.

She has also remained beloved in the eyes of the fans of TV's ER where she was first discovered for her role as Nurse Carol Hathaway who falls in love with the dashing young Doctor who happened to be played by George Clooney.

The sexy George recently appeared on the Ellen Degeneres daytime talk show are the funny lady spend several months campaigning to get George to stop by her show.  Once there Ellen teased George and told him she really wanted to get him so he would help her "get Julianna Marguiles".  George said Julianna is a tough one.

However, the illusive nurse and doctor who left ER is reuniting with George for the final season of the long running show.  Julianna told the media her original on-screen chemistry with the handsome doc was "still there." 

Julianna also said "it's been nine years (since they worked together on ER) and it was like we'd never been apart."

The final episode of ER which answers the question of what happened to Dr. Doug Ross and Nurse Carol Hathaway will be resolved in the last episode of the show scheduled to air Thursday night, April 2.

During ER Her Natural Curls Were Coiffed By Chris McMillan

During her reign on ER Julianna turned her natural curls over to the loving hands of Celebrity Hairdresser Chris McMillan (then a member of the Profile Salon in LA) who later became famous for working with Jennifer Aniston and the rest of the Friend's cast.

When interviewed in the past about Julianna's curls, Chris told InStyle Magazine Julianna's curls always looked great because "what can't you do with her hair?"  His secret for keeping Julianna's curls in beautiful form was basic.  He said "I fill a spray bottle with seawater at the beach, soak Julianna's hair with it and comb it through evenly."

Seawater, Mousse, Shaking Curls

After soaking her hair with the seawater, he worked in some Paul Mitchell Sculpting foam" or a similar type of mousse product.  Chris noted "curly hair dries shorter" because it shrinks as it dries.  He said "the seawater combined with the mousse (or sculpting foam) add weight, bringing the curls back down.

He also reported "touching" wet curls while they are drying "is a no-no."  He suggested "touch (wet curls) as little as possible.  If you want to loosen them, shake the hair upside down or use a diffuser and a blowdryer".

Chris also put "butterfly clips clips at the back of the head, above the ears, so the hair dries in ringlets."  For a much softer and looser curl he takes every other one-inch chunk (of hair) and curls with a curling iron and a spritz of hairspray."

Celebrity Hairdresser Oscar Blondi & Campbell McAuley

Although during her days at ER Julianna worked with Chris McMillan, over the years she has also worked with Celebrity Hairdressers Oscar Blondi and Campbell McAuley, to name a few.

Like most celebrities, although Julianna has her favorite celeb hairdressers who she trusts, she works with more than one depending on her actual locations (New York vs Los Angeles) and the type of event she needs her curls coiffed for.

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