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All Gray Hair On Jennifer Aniston

Actress Jennifer Aniston recently visited the Ellen Degeneres Show to promote her new film He's Just Not That Into You (HJNTIY.

The Ellen show with Jennifer as her primary guest was fantastic.  Although Stevie Wonder was on the show, the bulk of the show was dedicated to Jennifer.  It's obvious Ellen and Jen are very good friends.

Ellen and Jen talked about a long list of topics but one of the most interesting topics was about Jennifer's upcoming 40th birthday and her discovery of a long gray hair.

Jennifer is Turning 40 Years Old

Ellen Told her audience "we've all heard Jennifer is turning 40 this...".  Jennifer said "what?"  Jennifer laughed and said "what?"

Ellen said "you can't hide it. Honestly."  Ellen said "now and you're having a party this weekend  but then you're having something for your actual birthday a little later like a smaller thing.  With a few close friends. Like a smaller thing."  Jen said "Yeah probably, I haven't figured that out yet?"

Ellen asked "how do you feel about turning 40. Are you embracing it, do you like it?"

Jen said "I have to say I really, I feel better than I've ever felt in my life".

Jennifer's Long Gray Hair

"I did have a moment, though, over the weekend. I had my first like, 'Huh...I don't want to (turn 40). 'I found a really long gray hair and it kind of flipped me out,"

Jen told Ellen. "It's not my first (gray hair) but it was just the fact that it was so long. That I was like, 'Oh that's been there, how many others are there and what does that mean?' It actually brought me to tears slightly. Yeah"

Ellen old Jennifer "you would look beautiful with any color of hair.  If your whole head was gray you would look beautiful".  The audience applauded.  Really. Jennifer said "thank you".  Ellen said "it's weird to think that though (about Jennifer having all gray hair).

Jennifer said "I know."

Ellen asked "so if you were to look at your young self when you were right in the first year of Friends. What would you say to that girl that was just starting Friends?

Is She Had A Friend DoOver What Would She Say?

Jennifer replied "oh I would say.  Enjoy it.  Have more fun. You know.  I think. How do you know that until you realize one day god I watched a lot of time not enjoying it. You know I remember meeting someone at a party once and complimented their work.  And it was sorta like  "yeah"  or they had some little attitude or some little reaction to it.  And I was "'oh come on.  You just didn't have fun with it. Yeah. You're great.  Guess what.  Enjoy it.  Its like this thing we worry about things that are just unnecessary."

Ellen said "that's what everyone says.  Everybody says you look back.  Especially in this business. We are all so insecure all the time" and we wonder "if its going to last and what's gonna happen and do people like you?"

Jennifer said "It's out of our control."  Ellen said "it is." Jennifer said yes "it is absolutely out of our control."  Ellen said " and its more in our control if we don't care. somehow. Jen said "somehow."

Jennifer Aniston's Gray Hair

The media has been buzzing about Jennifer's confession about finding a long gray hair.  Some of the Jen watchers think she was being vain and too shallow.  Others believe she was acting like anyone else who is approaching a life milestone like turning 40 years old.

What do you think?  Would Jennifer Aniston look great with all gray hair as Ellen said?  Was she acting shallow to even worry about finding a gray hair or was she acting just like anyone else who gets older?

My take?  I think she was talking about the gray hair to entertain Ellen and the audience.  Afterall, Jen was on stage for quite some time and I am assuming she was just having fun with her friend Ellen, teasing and chatting and telling funny stories.  To me, that is all it was.

What do you think?

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