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Hair Accessories In He's Just Not That Into You

Of course you have to know that as I was watching the new He's Just Not That Into You (HJNTIY) I had my eyes clamped onto the screen looking for hair accessories.

There is a long history of major films, Catwalk events and celebrity Red Carpets influencing hair accessory trends.

(Image L-R of Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Connolly - Hes Just Not That Into You - All Rights Reserved).

What did I see?  Several incidences of hair accessories although the biggest trend was for small "baby" barrettes, tiny "claw" clips and a few sleep clip type of accessories.

The fashions wore in the film by the ladies, for the most part, was very casual for the majority of the scenes featuring very cute jeans and a wide ranges of tops. There were two weddings but even those were low key fashion events with the brides wearing simple bridal styles.

The fashions worn in the office by the three co-workers - Jennifer Aniston, Ginnifer Goodwin and Jennifer Connolly - are simple, elegant but dressy and cute, cute, cute.

Jennifer Aniston's Hair Styles & Fashions

Although the beautiful actress has one scene where she wears a very beautiful navy blue pinstripey business style suit with a white blouse, she mostly wears really classic jeans and tops, except where she is wear a strapless coral hued bridesmaid gown.

In a lot of ways Jen dressed the way she does in her private life captured constantly on film by the papparrizzi.

(Image L-R of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Aniston in He's Just Not Into You - 2009 - All Rights Reserved).

In fact, I saw a recent image of her in the weekly magazines (Star, Life & Style) helping to rescue a lost dog and she was dressed in a similar style of jeans and tops she wore for the majority of HJNTIY.

Her super shiny hair throughout the entire film was worn long and below her shoulders.  Her tresses were ironed absolutely stick straight.  Even as a bridesmaid her hair was worn long and straight.  As I mentioned in a previous blog, famous hair guru Chris McMillan was her personal on-set hairdresser. As always he did an amazing job with her naturally wavy strands.

Jen's Hair Accessories

In a few scenes she had just a few strands (approximately 2" in thickness) of hair pulled off her forehead or pulled towards the back of her crown and clipped off her face by a series of teeny tiny metal jaw clips.

Her tiny hair clip which pulled just a few strands tightly back off her forehead reminded me of the way the girls on MTV's The Hills and The City wear their hair with one or two strands pulled off their face and held in place with one or more tiny jaw clips.

Ginnifer Goodwin's Hair Styles & Fashions

Although a bit annoying because her character Gigi was so stalkerish and desperate with guys, Ginnifer Goodwin looked very cute in a series of short floral dresses she wore to work, on her various dates and to a Justin Long's party.  Her chocolate brunette hair was worn mid-length with lots of volume ending in soft waves and loops.

(Image L-R of Justin Long, Ginnifer Goodwin - He Just Not That Into You - All Rights Reserved - 2009).

When she was hanging out at home she had on a comfy pair of PJs that is exactly what a lot of women I know hang out in.  Ginnifer's hair and fashions perfectly matched her personality and focus.

Ginnifer Goodwin's Hair Accessories

In two different scenes Ginnifer was wearing a small section of her hair pulled back and help in place with a small "baby" barette that might have been a Migali clip or an actual tiny barrette.  It didn't stand out but it definitely looked cute and very appropriate to her medium length sassy hairstyle.

She also wore a metal sleeper clip in another scene in a similar location in her hair which had one small section pulled back.  The use of the hair accessories matched to her various fashions was well played and the proper use of hair accessories.  They didn't stand out or detract from her dresses but were a perfect complement to her hairstyle and her fashions.

Jennifer Connolly's Hairstyle & Fashions

Although Jennifer has one scene where she arrives to see her husband wearing stunning lingerie underneath her a business appropriate skirt and blouse, for the most part, like Jennifer Aniston's character, the raven haired Ms. Connolly wore jeans and tops.   Her hair, also like Jen Anniston's was worn stick straight, off her face and just below the tops of her shoulders.

In one scene where she is at the hardware store we get a view of her pushing a shopping cart down the aisle and her jeans are so cute I wanted to hit the pause button to see if I could find signs of a label.  Unfortunately I was watching the movie on the big screen so hitting any pause buttons was not an option.

Jennifer also wore business appropriate blouses and skirts when she and Ginnifer Goodwin were laboriously dissecting the "signs" that the latest guy might be into Ginnifer Goodwin.

Jennifer Connolly's Hair Accessories

In one scene Jennifer Connolly has a few strands of her hair was pulled off to one side and help in place with a very simple but elegant small "baby" barrette.  As with the other ladies, the barrette was very complementary to Jennifer's outfit and did not jump out at you.  I'm not sure her barrette would be noticed by everyone but I did catch it and it looked perfect.

In one scene her hair is pulled up and off her hairline and secured at the back of her crown with a tiny hair clip the same color as her dark tresses.

Scarlett Johansson's Hair Styles & Fashions

Scarlett played the role of the super hot young yoga instructor that had more than one guy going slightly nuts.  In her role she wore very sexy tight jeans with appropriately placed rips and tight tops which showed off all of Scarlett's well developed assets.

For a few other scenes where she is working on her singing career Scarlett wears fitted but flirty dresses with a full bouncy girly girl skirt.  Her character definitely is the cast hot girl with clothes to show off her sexy attitudes.

For the majority of the film Scarlett wore her hair in a variety of below the shoulder curly long hairstyles ranging from loose thick ringlets pulled back in a messy faux low pony to carefully finished curls which were big and loopy for a scene in her married lover's office.  Scarlett's hair, which is not naturally curly but does have natural waves, was worn down and around her shoulders.

In one scene where the wanna be singer was performing on stage she had one section of her hair pulled back in a small accent braid with the rest of her tresses coiffed in loose curls.

Scarlett's Hair Accessories

In one scene Scarlett wears a medium sized bandeau style soft headband in a hue that is just slightly darker than her blonde tresses.

She also wears a tiny baby barrette in another scene.  Other than the soft headband, I did not see the evidence of any other headbands on Scarlett but her hair did appear to be held loosely in place with hidden barrettes, sleeper clips and bobby pins.

When she is hanging at the spa with her friend Drew her curly hair is pulled into a side pony and wrapped with a contrasting chocolate brown pony elastic.

Drew Barrymore's Hairstyle & Fashions

As the cheerful and quirky Mary, Drew Barrymore had limited screen time.  She played the role of an advertising sales rep for the local newspaper.  Her co-workers were three gay men who loved hearing about the ups and downs of her dating life.

Although we see Drew at the spa with Scarlett, at her office, at the grocery store shopping with Scarlett and in an outside restaurant, her fashions are very casual like the rest of the females in the film.  While shopping at the grocery store Drew is wearing a soft dress with a jacket which would have worked for her office setting, which was definitely laid back.

Her hair was a medium chocolate brown, not my favorite color for the bubbly actress with a hint of dark blonde streaks throughout the ends.  Her hair appears like she used to be blonde and let it grow out.  Like Scarlett, Drew's hair was long and worn below her shoulders.  Her hair was worn in an alternating texture.  We see her at the Spa with Scarlette with her hair worn stick straight.  Later as the movie unfolds Drew changes up her hair with lots of texture

Drew also wore her hair in a series of braids, including in one scene she wore her hair up in a set of matching Dutch girl style braids pinned to the back of her head.  It gave her a very edgy, quirky look which was very approrpiate for her upbeat character.

Drew's Hair Accessories

I admit I did not spot any obvious hair accessories on Drew but in a way her hair was accessorized by her various braids.  In one scene she wore her hair up in a messy buy and in another Drew's strands were straight.

General Fashion, Hair And Accessory Trends

The film definitely showcased a much more casual fashion style.  Jeans and cute tops were the primary fashion for the majority of the women except for Drew Barrymore and Ginnifer Goodwin who wore a series of soft dresses.  Drew's dresses were casual edgy while Ginnifer's were more girly girl.

Except for Ginnifer Goodwin who had medium length hair, all the rest of the women had shoulder length or longer hairstyles.  Ginnifer Goodwin had lots of volume with soft perimeter waves sprinkled with a curl here and there.  Scarlett had lots of curls and in the film they appeared to be natural curls but off screen Scarlett is currently wearing her hair super straight.

The two Jennifers - Aniston and Connolly, wore their hair long and stick straight with lots of shine.  Which worked perfectly with their more casual fashions.  Both wore a lot of jeans and cute tops and when wearing suits, both women wore simple but elegant versions.

The hair trend I see from HJNTIY is longer hair with extreme textures.  Either stick straight or worn with lots of texture and volume.  Braids as natural hair accessories along with sleeper clips, baby barrettes and Migali style clips appear to be very popular.  I would expect them to gain in more popularity.

What does this all say to me?  Hair accessories are making a new comeback, especially with soft bandeau style headbands, skinny headbands which work for stick straight strands and lots of barrettes and clips.  Also, chemical straightening is obviously a hot new hair treatment.

Of course this is just my opinion.  I would would love to hear what you have to say about these hair trends.

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