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Best Natural Curly Cuts And Hairstyles

Mark Garrison is a celebrity hairdresser who has been working with all types of hair including naturally curly hair, for many years.

Mark was one of the celebrity judges for Bravo's Better Half Reality Show where hairdressers had a very short amount of time to teach their "better half" how to cut, color and style hair.

(Image Courtesy of Goldwell - Dualsenses Collection - Curly Solutions - All Rights Reserved).

I had the fabulous opportunity to interview Mark (who is the owner of The Mark Garrison Salon in NYC) on the phone during that time and we talked about all types of hair textures and what makes them look best.

Proper Haircut & Hairstyles To Transform Natural Curls

When it comes to naturally curly hair, Mark believes the proper haircut and hairstyle can take your curls from "unruly to amazing". 

What type of cuts and hairstyles does Mark recommend?

Soft Full Curls

According to Mark, if you have soft full curls, a shoulder-length bob, layered at the ends, will keep hair from looking puffy.

(Image from Goldwell Trend Zoom Collection - All Rights Reserved - Goldwell).

Tightly Texture Curls

If you have  tightly textured curls, Mark recommends you let your hair grow past shoulder length.  If that doesn't sound appealing, then buzz cut those curls off.  Either way Mark believes this type of curl is a scene stealer.Loose Waves

If you have loose waves or waves sprinkled with a few loose curls, make the most of all that body with long, graduated waves or long soft ringlets.

Mark recommends transforming chin-length or longer loose waves and/or curls into lush tresses by sleeping in a loose bun which helps keeping curls and waves from matting.  Mark recommends simply unfurling the bun, shaking out the waves and curls and finishing with a light spritz of styling spray.

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