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Blogging About Hair Blogging?

One of the team members recently asked me how I could keep on blogging about hair topics after writing literally thousands of articles about hair topics over the past 12 years.

Yeah, it's true I have published over 4,000 articles on every imaginable hair topic since starting in 1997.  I also write monthly columns for 101 Celebrity Hairstyles and MMI's Short Cuts (on newstands.  In addition I was also paid to "blog" about hair, beauty and celebrity in the past at the beginning of the blog craze but what the heck, might as well save my breath for  Right?  Afterall, I own the company.

So after a stint with Hollywood and Mane for (they closed their blogs) I moved over to to blog here.

How can I keep on blogging about hair topics? 

I guess there are a lot of reasons (if you really care) including:

1.  I am obsessed with anything related to hair and think about it from every possible angle.  Sometimes its actually scary what I think about with regard to hair.

2.  After going to cosmetology school I see hair topics from both sides of the chair.

3.  Hair products are constantly evolving, improving changing.  It's exciting to track.

4.  Hairdressers are some of the most interesting people in the world to interview.

5.  I love helping hair consumers find answers to prevent bad hair days.

6.  Celebrities are constantly changing their hairstyles, hair colors, hair lengths which is interesting, at least to me.

7.  My own knowledge of hair and the hair business continues to mature and deepen each year I stay involved.

8.  I love to talk, talk, talk.  I am a D/I personality on the DISC scale (another blog) and need to exercise my "I"  Interactive genes.

I also love to write and have been getting paid to write since I was in my teens.  Yes, the first publications were astrology (a teen astrology advice column) and metaphysically related (Bach Flower Essences,massage, meditation and Holistic Health) but writing for any publication is similar in some respects, the topics just change.

How do I do my best blogging?  Although Sarah Palin said bloggers all blog in their PJs, I actually wear comfy clothes, including dresses, that don't bind my arms or hands.

I also love to wear flip flops or boots when I blog?  Why?  I always listen to music with headphones while I'm blogging and I love to tap my feet to the music.  Maybe that's not true blogging behavior but it works for me.  It keeps my blood moving and my energy cranked up, which helps.

In addition to headphones plugged into iTunes or Napster I have certain artists that inspire me depending upon the hair topics at hand.  When I am writing about celebrities I like to listen to Madonna for some reason.  If the topic turns to hair chemicals I like to plug into my iTunes playlist for Enigma and Conjure One.  Yeah, OK, that may be a little weird, but I don't ever claim to be totally sane.

Right now I am writing about blogging while listening to Sara Bareilles who is on one of my favorite Napster playlists.  I also listen to Jessica Simpson, maybe because I know her and have watched her sing in person.  At one point in the past I was literally part of her entourage (with Ken Paves) traveling to the stage where I took photos about 12 inches from where she was singing.  Her voice took my breath away.

Actually I have a very diverse list of playlists including everything from Rap to Jazz to Blues to Rock.  Maybe I should start posting Now Listening To at the beginning of each blog?

What else can I say about Hair Blogging?  Oh  yeah, the mannequins and my mophead (used to practice different braids0 are often sitting right next to me.

When I went to cosmetology school I had to buy a total of 10 mannequin heads (it was mandatory to buy the heads for school) with all types of hair textures (including African American) and I use them to practice different updos and hairstyles, which has lead to some funny experiences for Team Members who have unexpectedly encountered the heads which can be another blog topic one of these days.

The HB Team members also ask me where I get my inspiration for the various topics.  Geez, that's a hard one to answer simply.  Partially its because I read so much.  My reading list for today includes Entrepreneur, Instyle, Cosmo, TV Guide, US, Star, Life & Style, Readers Digest, Vanity Fair and Business Week.  I also read all the professional salon magazines as well as Texas Stylist & Salon which discusses Texas Cosmetology Law topics.

When I'm not reading magazines I tuck into business books on a wide range of topics but I especially like business books that include case studies.  I also read books on Feng Shui, Astrology, metaphysicals, religion, spirituality and music. Unleashing me in a Barnes and Noble is like committing a crime against my checking account.

I actually like True Crime books because of my original background in sociology and psychology but I really don't have time to read those types of books much anymore. Since I don't blog about True Crime those books never make it to the top of my stack on my desk.

Is there anything I've forgottent to include here?  Probably not.  But if you think of something let me know.

Finally, thanks to all of you who are reading my blogs.  I appreciate it very much because ultimately if it weren't for visitors I wouldn't be inspired to write about any hair topics.

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