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Texas Truth About Shaving

Going to cosmetology school was one of the hardest and most challenging things I ever did. However, I don't regret it for a second and have learned so much about the business of hair and beauty that I am very appreciative for the experiences I have had.

Recently I stopped by a new barber college to chat with the owners and they reminded me about the Texas laws connected with shaving. Did you know that in order to "legally" get a shave in a Texas barber or other hair related shop you must be shaved by a Class A Barber? I bet you didn't know that. Well neither did I until I went to a Texas licensed cosmetology school.

The word barber is derived from the Latin word barba which means beard. To have your beard shaved (this mostly refers to men but whomever has a beard and wants it shaved) must, at least in Texas, go to a barber who has obtained 80 practical shaving hours as well as the time required to complete the classroom curriculum tied in with being a licensed barber.

Can a licensed cosmetologist legally shave their client's beards in Texas? Nope. Texas Law defines "cosmetology" and the word "shave" is not included in the definition. Texas Cosmetology Law states a cosmetologist can perform or offer to perform for compensation a treatment of a person's mustache or beard by arranging, beautifying, coloring , processing, styling or trimming. But nowhere does it mention "shaving".

The Texas Barbering Law specifically addresses shaving It states: barbering means treating a person's mustache or beard by arranging, beautifying, coloring, processing, shaving, styling or trimming.

Since shaving is not an allowable service under the Texas Cosmetology Law it is not in the normal curriculum in Texas cosmetology schools and cosmetology students are not trained to shave.

Is learning to shave difficult? Yes, it is must more difficult that you might believe. I also know a Texas licensed Class A Barber and she told me that she was practicing shaving on blown up balloons. If that sounds weird - think about it. A close shave that doesn't cut the client can be pretty tricky. If you can literally shave a blown up balloon without popping it, will chances are good the barber can do a great shave without any nicks or cuts.

See what I mean? In the world of hair, cosmetology and barbering you learn something new all the time. Regardless of where you live, if you want a clean shave, remember to go to a properly licensed barber.

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