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Citizen Smooth - Hip, Happening New Men's Grooming Product - Head Shaving

Men's grooming products are continuing to evolve and offer exceptional new options.  A new product which has just come to our attention here at is Citizen Smooth.  Check out this hot new happening head shaving grooming option.

What is it?

Citizen Smooth offers men's grooming products specifically formulated to provide an excellent head shave. The all-natural ingredients provide a gentle, nourishing shaving experience supported by a pre-shave cleanser and post-shave cooling balm.

We believe in no more bad hair days and the end of comb-overs. Too many men are keeping their fabulous heads hidden under messy or fading hairlines. We have a slick solution to the problem.

Why is it special?

Citizen Smooths shaving cream is dense and non-foaming. Foaming formulas are merely a marketing gimmick. When air is added, these products create the impression of more volume, but actually provide less lubrication on the skin, and more chances to cut yourself with your razor.

Also, the chemicals that create foaming action, surfactants, are known to dry your skin. Our denser, non-foaming product has much better protection from nicks and irritation than the foaming alternatives. Since its free from harsh sulfates and surfactants, it wont dry out your head or face.

The moisturizing natural botanicals used in all the products are blended in the San Francisco Bay Area with select ingredients from locally grown crops such as lavender, peppermint, and rosemary.

Other ingredients, unavailable locally, are carefully chosen for their therapeutic value and to support the sustainable

harvesting of indigenous crops in countries as remote as Madagascar and Uganda. The suppliers of these ingredients are mostly family owned farms and distilleries.

Where can I get it?

You don't have to travel to Madagascar to be a smooth citizen; all products are available online at

Who makes it?

The product line was created by a San Francisco native unhappy with the head shaving products available on the market. The company is independently owned.

Who would use it?

While the products are specially designed for head shavers they also work well on other body regions. The gentle formula provides a nick-free, fresh shave that everyone can appreciate. We recommend you keep your product close; girlfriends have been known to steal it for themselves.

Citizen Smooth wants to end the era of comb-overs and artificial hairpieces. Hair restoration procedures are often unhealthy, unsustainable, and unnatural. Head shaving provides freedom.

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